How to Close More Real Estate Deals in Less Time

Real estate agents live on commissions, so closing deals regularly is vitally important. In the early days of an agent’s career, however, it can be tough to know how to “always be closing.” If you want to improve your career stats, here are a few tips that could help you close deals quickly and move on to the next success.

1. Screen Leads

Every person you meet is a potential lead, but very few of these leads will result in a sale. It is essential to know how to screen potential clients to make sure that they are worth pursuing. Start by learning about a potential client’s needs, the timeline, and the budget. Once you know where the client is coming from, you can show him or her homes and be confident that you are not wasting your time. Agents who give of their time to any lead who shows interest, however, will find themselves putting out a lot of effort with comparatively little reward. Be clear about what you are looking for in a client right upfront. When the right client comes along, you can energetically pursue the lead.

2. Work with Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors depend on sales just like agents depend upon commissions. They might buy and sell dozens of properties a year. A single-family homebuyer, in comparison, might only buy one home per decade, so he or she might tend to have much less experience; he or she may also be unclear about what he or she is looking for. Working with the right investors should get you to close deals more quickly and frequently.

3. Work Efficiently in Everything You Touch

Working efficiently not only saves you time, but it also creates a sense of urgency with your collaborators. Respond to emails and phone calls quickly, always be concise in your writing, and deliver on promises as soon as possible. Additionally, you can make yourself proficient with time- and money-saving technologies like Propy, which can see a property sold in a day. Propy even accepts novel payment forms, such as cryptocurrencies. Work with the platform, and you will find that the transaction process can become more efficient.

Practices such as the ones listed above can help you improve your game as a real estate professional. Not only will you resolve more deals, but you will also find more and better leads knocking on your door over time.