Top 5 Marketing Tips from the Co-Founder of Global Marketing, Ivan Kv

Good marketing can determine a brand’s success. Thus, understanding the dynamics behind your brand’s development is essential. The entrepreneur Ivan Kv, who also happens to be the founder of KV LLC (a leading marketing agency in Silicon Valley), shared some of his unique marketing tips with our editorial team in an exclusive interview. Below is a list of top 5 marketing tips from industry leader and co-founder of KV LLC, Ivan Kv.

Focus on Organic Visitors Only

When it comes to digital marketing, organic search is what drives the conversions. According to Ivan, paid AdWords campaigns work. However, this type of engagement is expensive and tends to be not very effective.

Number 1: Focus on Website Optimization

Run a proper SEO audit, determine your strategy, and put your efforts into optimizing your website first. Once your web application is SEO-friendly, begin to craft engaging content.

Number 2: Craft Only High-Quality Content

Based on the type of services that you offer and the value proposition of your brand, develop a keyword strategy for your content. Start crafting articles around the selected keywords. Ensure that each piece of content is excellently written. Do not hire writers who do not fully understand your company’s competitive advantages. Sloppy writing will only hurt your brand.

Surround Yourself with Influencers

Number 3: Join Events

A great way to join a network of highly influential folks is to become an influencer yourself. So, start attending conferences, dinners, and private events. People will gradually begin to recognize you within these circles.

Number 4: Organize Your Own Events

Once you know some industry leaders, it is time for you to invite influential acquaintances over to “your own party.” You can organize an interview session at your headquarters and ask the industry experts to share their opinions on market developments. The majority of influencers are flattered by attention (even though they pretend to feel otherwise). So, do not hesitate to make your step toward potentially valuable connections. Invite people over, and do not be afraid to make them say something nice about your product or service.

Number 5: Work with a Professional Marketing Agency

If you are planning to grow exponentially, you will have to pass the baton to a professional marketing agency that will ensure the success of your company and speed up the process of lead generation.

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