Cats are natural superstars. Your feline friend just needs the right director. We have all seen hundreds of first-class cat videos online. Ever since the dawn of the internet, cat videos have been a staple genre, that still commands the attention of millions today. So how can you and your fluff buddy get a piece of that juicy YouTube viral video money? Well, it all starts with a cat and a camera.

Make Filming Your Cat a Regular Thing

Believe it or not, some cats like being filmed, while others hate it. You will be more likely to achieve your viral video ambitions if your pet loves the camera, but either situation can work. The important thing is that your feline friend is accustomed to being filmed. He or she needs to be comfortable and happy on camera. If anything, he or she needs to know to amp up the cute factor when the iPhone comes out. Capture footage of your cat on the regular, and you should capture viral gold sooner or later.

Invest in Your Cat’s Appearance and Personality

Of course, if you have a Persian with long hair, you have to pay to get him or her groomed. If you have a playful pet, then you need to get some awesome toys that will motivate him or her to perform when it is showtime. Take time to understand what makes your pet cute and interesting. These personality aspects are what you want to capture on video. Know how to bring out this side of your cat at a moment’s notice.

Be Your Cat’s Publicist

Your kitty may be awesome, but he or she cannot use Instagram. No one can publicize your cat to the fullest but you. Start by making dedicated channels on (at least) Instagram and YouTube, then populate these outlets with content a couple of times per week at minimum. Of course, share this content liberally on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, and slowly build the following that your pet deserves.

Certainly, by practicing the above, you will create plenty of viral opportunities for your star furball. It may take some time, but when viral lightning finally strikes, you and your best animal buddy will be ready!