Pets get bored easily when they do not get plenty of playtime. When it comes to taking care of your pets, it is essential that you give them the kind of attention that they deserve. All pets crave affection from their owners and playtime, so what would you do if you’re unable to your pets the devoted time that they crave? Fortunately, there is one smart toy that can give attention to your pets during the times that you are unable to do it yourself.

Smart Toy: The Wicked Ball

Now that technology has become such an important part of everyday life, why not introduce it to your pets? A new waterproof toy, the Wicked Ball, is what you need to help your pets cope with boredom and separation anxiety, while also increasing your pets’ exercise hours. This smart toy moves on its own, so it is sure to catch the interest and affection of your pets. The Wicked Ball has different reaction modes: gentle, normal, and active. Find out the mode that best fits your pets, and let them have fun!

Why the Wicked Ball Is Better Than Other Smart Toys

Of course, there are other smart toys like the IQ Treat-Dispensing Ball and the Food Puzzle Snuffle Mat. These toys are great for petsitting, as they require the pets to play with the toys to receive treats. However, unlike the Wicked Ball, these toys do not require your pets to chase and follow them. With the Wicked Ball, you can ensure that your pets remain physically stimulated while you are gone. Keeping your pets moving and mentally sharp while you are gone is very important for their well-being.

Your pets deserve to live their best lives, just like you. By giving them this smart ball, you will help them to enjoy their free time and sharpen their awareness skills. You will like the Wicked Ball, as it will play with your pets for you. Your pets will also like this toy. Give your pets the joy and the excitement that they want!