Gaming has grown in popularity. To some, it has become a significant part of their lives. To get the best experience, of course, you will need a good TV set with high resolution; you will also need the right console and gear for each game. Additionally, what many gamers don’t think about is the number of hours that they will spend sitting in front of their consoles. Although it is often overlooked, a comfortable and supportive chair can help a gamer avoid the stiffness and posture issues that come from spending lots of time in one position. To combat these issues, the startup Gamewarez developed the Granite Hurricane gaming seat.

Granite Hurricane Gaming Seat

Built by gamers for gamers, the Granite Hurricane bean bag-like chair has everything that a console gamer needs for a comfortable gaming experience. Gamewarez even created a customized center console that a gamer can use as a footrest, table, or storage ottoman. Built with dust-free EPS beans, the gaming seat can conform to any body type. The backrest is stable enough to provide the ultimate back support. Furthermore, a special internal netting prevents those annoyingly small beans from escaping and causing chaos. Made from imitation leather, the chair is easy to clean and light enough for a gamer to move around quickly. Entirely customized with gamers in mind, the seat has side pockets for the controller, drinks, and anything else that you need to have handy. It even has a unique headphone holder for easy headphone access.

Future Gaming Furniture

The life of a gamer gets more comfortable, with better games, better TV screens, and better seats. Granite Hurricane might not be the first of its kind; however, it’s certainly one of the latest in a growing trend of furniture made with the tech-oriented in mind.