Roblox vs Minecraft: Is Roblox the Best Video Game?

When it comes to Roblox versus Minecraft, people have very different opinions. Thus, some are Roblox fans, while some are Minecraft fans. Is Roblox the best video game ever? Here is our list of 10 differences.

Roblox vs Minecraft: Is Roblox the Best Video Game?

Number 1: Skins

RobloxGame skins are realistic and are super HD.

MinecraftGame skins are blocky and unrealistic. Furthermore, the character is very pixelated.

Number 2: Weapons

Roblox has variety of weapons, gun games, and shootings with realistic environments. Thus, the environment can look like army territory.

Minecraft has swords, bows, arrows, potions, axes, tridents, and crossbows. And, the weapons are more basic, depending on who you ask.

Number 3: Parties with DJ

RobloxGame has parties, where people can dance. Even more, they have a DJ.

MinecraftGame has pixelated parties. But, there is no DJ.

Number 4: Zombies

You can shoot your gun, or use a variety of other cool weapons, on Roblox zombies.

You can use limited weapons, such as your sword, on a Minecraft zombie.

Number 5: Trampolines

In Roblox, you can build a trampoline by inserting a part and anchoring it. Also, you will adjust the velocity on the part. 

In Minecraft, you can use slime blocks and launchers to build trampolines.

Number 6: Lava

In MinecraftGame, a character can easily build a pixelated stream of lava. Indeed, the character can just dig away.

In a RobloxGame, you need to use a script to make a lava brick.

Number 7: Parkour

RobloxGame characters can flip while doing parkour.

With MinecraftGame parkour, characters can jump in a standard way.

Number 8: Vehicles

A RobloxGame vehicle can be fancy, modern, and sporty.

A MinecraftGame vehicle is, naturally, very blocky. 

Number 9: Swimming

Roblox swimming looks like actual swimming. Hence, it is very realistic.

Minecraft swimming usually consists of the character staying in the water and sprinting. And, if you want the character to look like it is swimming, you can do a sprint into the water and dive. But, it is not a realistic swim stroke. 

Number 10: Cutting Trees

A RobloxGame character cutting a tree has someone swiping an ax at the tree trunk to cut the tree down. So, it looks more like what you would do in real life.

A MinecraftGame character cutting a tree looks like someone is randomly swiping at the tree. Certainly, it does not look so realistic.