Youtube Propaganda: Top 5 Brainwashing Videos

Social media faced some insane fads in 2015, and the new year has been greeted with perhaps the most bizarre trend of all time: drinking your own pee. This is already getting over 10 million views on YouTube and is spreading like wildfire on Facebook.

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2015 Was The Year of Optical Illusions and Ghosts

One of the most popular fads of 2015 was the dress – you know the one, the one no one knew was either white and gold or blue and black. Another popular one was the Charlie Charlie challenge. We see one of the supernatural kind at least once a year, but this one was particularly terrifying. Another trend was contouring, the particular makeup style where only seemingly terrifying makeup yielded celebrity-level looks.

All in all, 2015 was pretty eventful. With so many memes and dubsmashes and lip synch battles, it’s going to be a tough year to follow-up.

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What’s in Store for 2016?

2016 is only ten days in, and we are already faced with a disgusting trend: pee drinking. This craze began as part of a Buzzfeed video. It has since then exploded on YouTube and on Facebook feeds. Just what about this is so popular? Well, it’s gross. Strange as the phenomenon may sound, there’s something about everyday gross things that fascinates people. Reaction videos have become very trendy in the past few years. This is just a more visceral kind of reaction.

Another big trend of 2016 is quick recipe videos. These short videos are addicting and are quickly picking up hype. The way is unclear for what’s next for Facebook and YouTube. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve any other bodily fluids.

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In Other News, Facebook Might Start Monetizing Messenger

Analysts are predicting that Facebook might start charging some extra for use of its services. Recent news about an alliance with Uber suggests that there may be a commission fee for hitching a ride through Facebook instead of through the Uber app directly.

This is a plausible tactic that could really put Facebook on the map. They’re already generating serious profit, but this could put them on the top. Maybe they won’t need to share pee-drinking videos to be on people’s radar.