Top 10 YouTube Videos That Ruined People’s Lives

Youtube can be a valuable way to earn some extra cash if you monetize your channel and videos correctly. However, if you aren’t careful, the famous video sharing platform can take your posted content and destroy your life. In addition, it can ruine the lives of those in your videos. From a gypsy busted for stealing gold to cheating girlfriends, these top 10 videos tell all. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

1. Russian “Cheaters” Showcases Cheating Girlfriends Compilation on YouTube

The hit American TV series “Cheaters” is one of the most famous shows of all time. Naturally, similar cheating versions from other countries are famous too. One Russian version showcases a cheating girlfriends compilation. The hidden camera catches one girl in a sticky sexual situation. Her boyfriend confronts his adulterous woman. Check all the footage out on YouTube channel Caught Cheating in Russia.

2. Man Killed on YouTube

YouTube channel Chicago World News shows a man killed in posted video. The video begins with a friendly stroll with friends on the west side of Chicago which quickly turns deadly. The victim was reported as Antonio Perkins, who was out with his kids and shot at a snowcone stand. Police said he was a documented gang member, but they did not release his gang affiliation.

3. Doctor attacks Uber driver; YouTube ruined her life

A Miami resident doctor was filmed attacking an Uber driver, and it may have had costly career consequences. YouTube channel Inside Edition posted the video. The video quickly got half a million views. The angry doctor jumped into the Uber car ahead of someone else, but the driver wasn’t taking it. She kneed him in the balls. The driver then tossed her to the ground to escape. He didn’t get far; she jumped back into the car and began throwing the driver’s personal stuff out of the vehicle. It is indeed a wild scene.

4. Satanic Sacrifice Captured and Posted on YouTube

There are a lot of crazy videos on YouTube, but one of the most insane is a satanic sacrifice. YouTube channel Gentes Mundi posted the satanic footage. Even though it didn’t get that many views, the video is terrifying. The man who took the video is either really scared or is a good actor. The alleged victim in the sacrifice was believed to be Maja Franziska Brandli. The satanic ritual was carried out at the European Organization for Nuclear Research according to reports. No one has denied or confirmed the authenticity of the video.

5. Two Journalists Killed by Gunman on YouTube

The international news story of two journalists being killed on camera was big. YouTube channel Reddit Merc posted the video and it shows the killer pointing the gun at the journalist moments before firing. Unfortunately, the journalist didn’t notice what was about to happen. Victims Alison Parker, a WDBJ7 TV reporter, was 24. Adam Ward, the cameraman was 27. The gruesome killing was senseless and not only a life-ending video, but a life ruined for the families of the victims.

6. Very Graphic Suicide on YouTube

The death shown on YouTube is indeed disturbing. Why is YouTube not screening their videos better? This video, posted by Truth to Life of a man committing suicide is extremely graphic. According to reports, a man who was arrested was not properly searched and he had a gun. While in the interview room at the police station, he pulls a .45 caliber handgun and shoots himself in the temple. It is sad and the police immediately realized that they had made a huge mistake.

7. YouTube ruins lives of gypsy women stealing gold

YouTube channel Портал Глазей posted a video of three gypsy women working together in a jewelry heist. The video of the three gypsy women highlights their cunning robbery. Two of the women distract the jewelry shop’s attendant, while one of the women reaches behind the counter and steals an entire box of jewelry. They get away with it, at least for the moment. The store’s video camera captures the stealthy robbery, and the women may have been identified.

8. Woman gets naked on ride and YouTube bares all

YouTube channel Lord Spoda posted a bare-all video which shows a woman getting naked on an amusement park ride. The woman was going commando and got caught with her pants down. One man, who may have been her boyfriend, tries desperately to keep his gal’s pants up, but he fails. She even plants her bare bottom on an unsuspecting stranger.

9. YouTube video catches a dirty old businessman molesting a girl

YouTube channel IndiaTV exposes a businessman who allegedly molested a young girl on an Indigo flight. Unfortunately, the man’s face was blurred out, so the world cannot see who this pervert was. The businessman was indeed very lucky, because if he pulled something similar on an American flight, he would be certainly spending his time in prison.

10. Cops Playing Wii during a drug bust; YouTube catches Police red-handed

YouTube channel BrickHouse Security shows cops killing time playing Wii. This is nothing new, and even the police can enjoy relaxing after a hard day of catching bad guys. However, this Wii session happened during a multi-agency drug bust. What is disturbing is that the police played the game for up to nine hours, according to the video’s commentator. Not good PR for cops these days, but at least they weren’t killing any innocent people.

YouTube is a platform for everyone, but sometimes others get their 15 minutes of life-ruining fame on the site. If you have footage of someone, you may want to think twice before posting it. You may ruin someone’s life, and you can find yourself in a pretty sizable lawsuit. The video sharing platform has no lack of hilarious and terrifying content. Feel free to spend a few hours browsing.

Top 10 YouTube Videos That Ruined People’s Lives