Resident Evil: Top 12 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Also known as Biohazard in Japan, Resident Evil is probably among the greatest gaming franchise providing ultimate gaming options and experiences for games aficionados. Just to mention, it is a survival horror video game by Shinji Mikami and his counterpart Tokuro Fujiwara. Capcom company owns this popular game. Growing up, this was undoubtedly among the best games, with its rising and metamorphosis being a tale growing from an isometric corridor-crawler to behind the back action fest. So, what are Resident Evil Shocking Facts?

Resident Evil Shocking Facts About Resident Evil

Since its inception, Resident Evil has branched out into developed novels, comic books, animated sequels to the game, live action films, novelizations and sound dramas. In brief, the series focuses on various characters and actions including outbreaks of zombies and monsters among other thrilling fun activities. Its latest release is the Resident Evil 7 made into the market on January 24th, 2017. Having said this, it is prudent highlighting the history. Below are 12 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know about Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Originally Written by George A. Romero

George Romero designed and crafted the first movie in 1996. He noted that he hopes that it will be a dark and chilling game with good zombies, good effects, and good makeup. Unfortunately, the project producer Yoshiki Okamoto later fired Romero claiming that the script wasn’t that good. Following this, many fans of the game and online critics disagreed with Yoshiki’s opinion. Whereas some stated that the game resembled Romero’s ideas, others had different thoughts. Nevertheless, the game has sold more than 75 million units worldwide making it Capcom’s biggest franchise regarding software sales.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts About Resident Evil

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Ghosts Were the Main Enemies, not Zombies

A desolate, abandoned mansion elucidates more of evil spirits and haunted corridors. This doesn’t auger well with Resident Evil’s current iconic zombies it is synonymous with. Early in the direction, Capcom was looking forward to this. Shinji Mikami, once a developer of this game, realized that things had to be done differently in terms of the mechanics that were more survival based and visceral. This led to the search of enemies who could fit the stack. With this idea, he undertook research, where he came across George Romero’s Night of the living dead beside other undead horde, themed works. With this, he incorporated the zombie ideas.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Origin of the Name?

Resident Evil was probably not the best name choice for this franchise. Reason being, there are escapades where the terrifying mansions with zombies are left for the gallivanted across the world experience. However, since it was a large, residential home full of zombies, there came ‘Resident Evil.’

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Raccoon City is Fictional

Similar to South Park or Springfield, the iconic Raccoon City has been fictional for years. Many fans had made overwhelming suggestions with detailed accounts of real world buildings matching the cities in the game. However, nothing was real until 2002 when director Paul W. S. needed somewhere to film the actual location for the movie. So to say, all the Raccoon City scenes, for the first time, were shot in Ontario, Canada. All along, Capcom had their lips sealed on this.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: It Was Originally a Two Player

Two player game franchise are taking shape in the current gaming experience. However, this is attributed to sophisticated platforms of play. The original platform for this game was PS1. Although this platform did a lot, its hardware couldn’t support the two-player mode. Just to relate, the hardware of the PS1 wasn’t strong enough to work on two versions of the mansion once.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: 75% of Resident Evil Two Was Scrapped

The current phenomenal Resident Evil 2 did not exist as it was currently. Reports indicate that the original version had more boring environments that Capcom’s top producers rejected it immediately. They asked the development team to throw away 75% of the completed assets.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: What is the Reason for The Terrible English Voice?

Honestly, the English voice used in the scene is terrible. Despite claims that it was set up with a Japanese voice acting, the inclusion of the voice at the zero hours contributed to worsening it.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Fate of Brad Vickers

At the beginning of the game, Brad Vickers, a pilot, seemed to escape all the escapades unhurt, leaving the other main characters to their death. This frequently occurred that you could find him alive and well by the close of the game. However, if you are keen, you will notice a zombie wearing a familiar clothing set at the beginning of Resident Evil 2. How comes? The fact is, once you take down Mr. Vickers, he produces a secret key that unlocks extra outfits from the police locker room.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: The Creator Played Resident Evil 5 in 2011

Despite releasing resident evil 5 in 2009, Shinji Mikami did not play the game until 2011. Mikami left Resi at the hands of capable Capcom officials soon after his other studio, Clover, got off the ground.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Capcom’s Favorite Band? Queen?

Claire Redfield, the badass chick is probably a favorite of many fans in the film. In Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica, there are two names printed on the back. ‘Made in Heaven’ and ‘Let Me Live’ are seen on the models’ PR materials. Notably, both are songs sung by Queen!

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: It Was Almost a First-Person Shooter

Capcom was planning to produce the original version of Resident Evil as a first-person shooter before GoldenEye proved that first-person shooters could be done in consoles and Halo redefined their genre in 2001. Limitations of PS1 architecture at that time also hindered a lot of prospects of the game.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts: Jungle Book Inspiration on Wesker’s Voice

Playing the game, you can’t ignore the strange voice of Albert Wesker. So to say, Richard Waugh is the actor who took up this character. He has a fantastically strange voice with characteristically unique intonations and delivery. But where did the inspiration for the voice came from? Richard Waugh explains that watching a lot of Disney movies inspired his change of voice. As he read Wesker’s script, he thought it would be prudent including a military-type with a cultured and chocolaty voice just like George Sunders in the Jungle Book. Therefore, Wesker came as his version of Shere Khan.

Resident Evil Shocking Facts About Resident Evil


There you have it. 12 intriguing facts you probably didn’t know about your favorite game. As you play and enjoy the game currently, note that the inception of the game began in 1993. Tukuro Fujiwara conceived it with intentions of remaking his earlier 1989 Capcom horror game, dubbed the Sweet Home. However, much continued and the game debuted into the play stations in 1996. Technology and other materials available gave significant limitations to the first version of the game. Resident Evil Outbreak, an online game released in 2003 for PlayStation 2 was the first survival horror to feature co-operative gameplay and online support.

Various other downloadable mobile games based installments of the Resident Evil series have been released, especially in Japan. This aims at coping with the trending and upcoming technological advancements and modernizations in the gaming sector. Recently, the producer, Masachika Kawata claimed that the new Resident Evil franchise would focus on more horror and suspense over actions. This will take it to almost similar levels as other mainstream games including shooters. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released on June 13th, 2016.