Top 5 Websites That Could Destroy Sears

Sears is an American retail icon founded in 1893 in Chicago. Surprisingly, the retail store continues to stay alive. In fact, the aforementioned company had revenue of more than 17 billion in 2014. Moreover, it is one of the top five department stores companies.

Although everything seems to be working well, competition is tough these days. Thus, other retail websites may destroy the American Institution within a decade. Below is the list of the top 5 websites that could destroy Sears.

Sears Alternative 1: Walmart

Walmart online offers a big selection of products and services. In fact, Sears may not be able to keep up with this store’s online presence. Walmart offers a vast number of all types of products. On Walmart’s website, you can find everything from electronics and apparel, to jewelry and toys.

The company’s online pharmacy is an additional feature that may entice customers to fill their prescriptions online. It seems like Walmart has covered nearly every part of life in the line of products it offers.

Sears Alternative 2: Target

Target is a definite bulls-eye when it comes to retail websites. And it may be putting Sears out of business. Target’s online site offers users ordering, a store locator, and product shipping information. It also offers a large selection of products. The online presence of Target extends to clothing for the whole family, housewares, tech accessories, home décor, and garden goodies.

Sears Alternative 3: JCPenny

JCPenny was founded in 1902, and its storefronts have grown into more than 1,000 since the opening. You can even find a JCPenny in Puerto Rico. The stores offer a lot of products similar to Sears. JCPenny has stuck with fashion, and it offers apparel, home décor, and accessories for tech fans. Its online store is also a place for brides to open a gift registry.

Sears Alternative 4: Best Buy

Sears was once a place for appliances. However, these days Best Buy offers a wide range of consumer electronics and appliances. The company’s online store offers deals that you can’t get at a physical store. The “Weekly Ad” section showcases the latest deals of the week. Another online feature worth mentioning is “international shipping.” Best Buy lets their customers shop online and receive products in various parts of the world.

Sears Alternative 5: is the pinnacle of online shopping. This website offers a wide and diverse range of brand products. Sure, one may view Overstock’s products as last-last year’s fashion. However, the company offers a vast variety of options: browsers electronics, furnishings, home décor, apparel, jewelry, health, and beauty, as well as a “World Stock” collection.

This company also has a pretty hearty social media presence. You can find Overstock’s deals in every corner of Twitter and Facebook.

Top 5 Websites That Could Destroy Sears