Planet X / Nibiru Will Destroy Earth in October 2017; NASA Knows

Sticking to the new year’s resolutions is an idea you might want to pause for a moment. The reason behind this? A massive planet will hit our planet, Earth, during Autumn resulting in a global catastrophe, killing everyone. According to the brains behind these ideas, David Meade, who authored the ‘Planet X – The 2017 Arrival’, there is ardent proof that a massive planet will collide with Earth somewhere between September to October within the year. He adds that the global elites have reckoned this and are already in the process of bringing up bunkers that may help them survive the collision.

As per Meade, the general public has not been made aware of this to prevent immense panics. He supports the statements by illustrating that earthquakes heave increased both in number and intensity of late. Besides, heat waves strength and length are increasing with every dawn. On the other side, storms are significantly increasing in type, intensity, and size. You can also note increased appearance of sinkholes and cracks on the surface of the earth. If these are the points to go by, then the earth is on the verge of final annihilation.

To increase the interesting taste of this creation, Doomsday bunker entrepreneur Robert Vicino supports the predicted Planet X, also known as Nibiru. Robert relies on the activities of the Russian Government having a drill for 40 million people. Be it utter coincidence or true happenings; there is no doubt this is going to be epic. 

Planet X / Nibiru Will Destroy Earth in October 2017; NASA Knows

Earth’s Rotation

In brief, it is of immense importance to understand the earth’s rotation cycle and how everything will come into play. To begin, earth’s rotation is simply the rotation of the planet earth on its own axis. So to say, the earth rotates from the west towards the east. This is a counter-clockwise direction as experts from NASA will term it. The whole process takes about 24 hours or 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds with respect to the sun and stars respectively.

Changes in the earth’s rotational axis are influenced by the fixed stars and the earth’s crust. The main components of this motion include the precession and nutation. Precession is the change in orientation of the earth’s rotational axis. On the other side, notation, derived from the Latin language, is a word that means swaying or a certain nodding motion along the axis of rotation. Therefore, as the earth sways along its own axis, it also rotates around the axis of the solar system. This is called the revolution.

An Insight on Revolution

Revolution has been the major causative factor for this process. In the solar system, every component, including the stars, moon and other planets, revolve around their own axis. This helps prevent collision and other disastrous occurrences. These heavenly bodies got to their positions through various unexplainable circumstances. However, NASA experts have tried to explain the origin of the earth and other solar system bodies in a series of diverse theories. Currently, the Nebula theory is widely accepted.

How will PlanetX Destroy Earth?

It may sound daunting to imagine how the earth will come into contact with another heavenly body considering the various arrangements in the solar system. However, a research team from the NASA reveal that this may happen beginning from September 23rd this year. According to them, on this day, the moon will be seen below the pattern Virgo. This means that it will have defied its own milky way to reach the planet Earth. The sun will appear at the cloth Virgo.

Following this, the said planet, Planet X, will eclipse the sun fully. This will impose a shadow to the earth and full moon. The result of these happenings is catastrophic events. Speculations suggest that those who survive and injured from the collision will live a hell on earth. Such people will survive off the land, with the rats and other on the streets. Quite an unimaginable phenomenon. Just to mention, speculations from theorists have long existed of an unseen planet existing beyond Neptune. Other theorists raised alarms that the same planet was bound to hit our plant in September or December 2015. 

NASA’s Take on Nibiru ‘s Existence

With all these speculations, where do NASA stand on this? To begin, before this, the unseen planet was predicted to smash into our planet coinciding with the Mayan apocalypse in 2012. Going way back, Nancy Leider, a famous American website content creator claimed to have some ‘alien implant’ in her head and predicted that it would terminate the world in the year 2003. Other endless speculations about the earth coming to an end have been brought forward with time. Since the first concerns raised, NASA embarked on the Nibiru theories and myths. In their 2012 release, Beyond 2012 Page, these experts stated that all these stories about wayward planets and Nibiru’s existence are some internet hoax.

To support their claims, the team states that there is no factual basis supporting these theories. Besides, individuals raising the concerns have not undertaken any specific research in a bid to identify and justify their claims. Needless to say, if indeed they were true and Nibiru was real, astronomers would have tracked it for the past decades they have been on space study. Besides, the planet has long been anticipated that it would be visible to the naked eye by now. 

Nibiru Theories

As mentioned above, theories about the existence of this imaginary planet surfaced long ago. So to say, Zecharia Sitchin, a Soviet-born American writer is probably the first person to narrate about this imaginary planet. In his bestselling book, ‘The 12th Planet’ authored in 1976, Zecharia claimed that there existed a planet beyond scientist reach that was inhabited by ancient aliens, called the Annunaki. According to him, this ancient race was responsible for creating our current human race. This theory garnered much following to date. Quite interesting!

Other interesting reads linking the collision of Nibiru with a planet called Tiamat were raised by Nigel Watson. He is the author of the UFO investigation manual. According to him, Zecharia claims that the planet Tiamat was located between the planets Mars and Jupiter. The collision of these planets resulted in the creation of an asteroid belt and planet earth.

Concerning the inhabitants of the Nibiru planet, the Anunnaki are identified as an advanced human race. These people visited the Earth thousands of years back to mine gold specifically in Africa. Due to the need of having laborers, they used genetic technologies to create homo sapiens. From historical perspectives, homo sapiens are the modern day human race. Such theories could hold some truth in it but cannot be proved.

Planet X / Nibiru Will Destroy Earth in October 2017; NASA Knows


Wide aspirations and anticipations on the existence of an imaginary planet with extraterrestrial occupants exist. However, these claims can be far from reality as there is no solid proof of their presence. Besides, nearly all the predictions of the earth coming to an end never occurred. Intense research is however underway to elicit the source of such aspirations and ideas by many people. Currently, even religious groups have fallen in the fold of believers to the end of the planet earth. With such interesting ideas, it is certain that any discovery of spaceships will be critically analyzed for any evidence of Nibiru and the existence of extraterrestrial populations in it.