3 Best Crypto Apps to Have For 2019

Have you heard the rumors? 2019 is supposed to be a breakout year for the crypto market. Well, that’s also what they said in 2018. So what’s the moral of the story here? The moral is to always be prepared and form your own decisions. Here are the best crypto apps to help you do that.


The market could change any minute and if you want to be the most prepared crypto trader, then you should be ready to buy and sell at a moment’s notice. This year, there are several great exchanges to choose from. Binance is currently one of the largest crypto exchanges by trade volume but is it necessarily the best? Several new competitors are making a name for themselves, Kraken, XCOEX, and Nauticus just to name a few. All have amazing apps and all have superior¬†features to Binance. So check them out.


Being the expert investor that you are, your portfolio is well diversified. Right? If so, then congratulations. But even the best of us have a hard time keeping track of everything. That’s why you should consider a portfolio management app. Apps such as Blockfolio let you keep track and manage all your crypto investments as well as read any related news you would find interesting. They are a¬†one-stop shop for your investment strategy.


We all wish we had a disposable income in which to use for our crypto investments. Yet sometimes, we need a little starting capital to get the ball rolling. That’s where YouHodler comes in. This crypto backed loan platform lets you use crypto for collateral. In exchange, you get a cash loan nearly instantly deposited into your bank account or crypto wallet. From there, you can turn around to invest on a quickly rising crypto, pay off your mining expenses or use the money for whatever you desire.

With their app and website, it’s quick and extremely easy to qualify for a loan. Furthermore, they have an industry best loan-value ratio of 80% and more crypto options than you even knew you needed.

They regularly release new updates so visit them today to learn more.