Yahoo Death: Top 5 Reasons Why Yahoo Died

Yahoo is one of those stories which captivates readers. Yahoo’s rise and fall make people question why Yahoo died. Here, we have assembled a list of the top 5 reasons why Yahoo died.

Yahoo Death: Top 5 Reasons Why Yahoo Died

NUMBER 1 TOP REASON WHY YAHOO DIED: Failure to Acquire the Right Social Media

YahooWebsite was not able to acquire Facebook. The price might have seemed a lot at the time to them, but it was clear that Facebook was going to be successful; Facebook had a long-term vision. Also, it was clear at the time that users were moving from the desktop age to the social networking age.

NUMBER 2 TOP REASON WHY YAHOO DIED: Investments in the Wrong Employees

Instead of having the same leadership serve at the helm, like Facebook’s Zuckerberg, YahooWebsite has had a revolving door of leadership and management. Thus, it is likely that the strategy was more short-term rather than long-term. Because, when a company loses talent, it loses both money and knowledge. Former employees complained that the A-employees had to work along B- and C- employees. Thus, there was an imbalance in work skill. And, over time, the A-employees left to find work where they would get more recognition and appreciation.


YahooWebsite failed to make to the right investments in Flickr. It acquired Flickr in a pricey deal, but it allowed Flickr to languish. If it concentrated on building up Flickr, it might have overtaken Facebook at some point as a social network.

NUMBER 4 TOP REASON WHY YAHOO DIED: Had a Focus on Everything

Another reason why YahooWebsite died was that it was focusing on everything. Instead of concentrating on its core, it diverted its attention everywhere. You can take just one look at its homepage tabs, and you will understand that what this problem is. Indeed, the problem.