Snots in Dominos Pizza: Why You Should Avoid Dominos Pizza at All Costs

There is a disgusting video out there, with one Dominos Pizza employee filming another Dominos Pizza employee stick his fingers into food to rub snot into it. The second employee sneezed directly onto the food. He then stuck his fingers into the food and laughed as he rubbed the snot into it. In our opinion, this absolutely filthy act means that you should avoid Dominos at all costs.

Snots in Dominos Pizza: Why You Should Avoid Dominos Pizza at All Costs

Youtube Videos: Domino’s Snot

The videos caught nationwide attention, as they got posted on YouTube and other websites. In these videos, a Domino’s employee prepared sandwiches, while he put cheese up his nose. He also put boogers on the sandwiches. He also violated other health-code standards. And, another Domino’s employee narrated what the first one was doing.

We all know that restaurant food can sometimes be dirty, meaning that someone perhaps did not wash the fork properly. But sneezing into food? Really? And rubbing in your boogers? This is an act of terrorism into customers’ foods.

The Employees Were Charged

You might ask yourself, what happened to these two people? Well, the two employees were charged. Because the video got shared on social media, it did not take long for word to spread. Soon, the video was viewed more than one million times on YouTube.

Back in 2009, you could do a Google search for the “Dominos” word and see what came up. And, on the first page of the Google search for the word “Dominos,” five of the twelve results referred to the disgusting act committed in the Domino’s videos.

While the employees got charged, they actually told the Domino’s executives that they did not deliver the snot food. Still, Domino’s fired the two employees and the employees faced felony charges. All this, because of brand damage through social media. So, in a matter of video minutes, long-term Dominos customers started to second-guess their patronage of Dominos Pizza. We do believe that the Domino’s employees did not deliver the food, but the fact is that they did sneeze onto it and put it online.