Bing Pays Users For Using Bing – Earn Free Cash Now

Bing is great when it comes to earning money. It pays you to use it! Many people might know about this feature. However, for those of you who do not know, this is a great way to earn money while you do internet searches.

Bing Pays Users For Using Bing – Earn Free Cash Now

Bing Pays You Money: Earn Free Credits Now

How the Bing program works is that if you have a Microsoft account, you can sign up for the rewards program. In the program, if you search on Bing or purchase an item in the Microsoft Store, you can get points. You can watch the credit counter on your browser, so that you can “cash in” on your rewards. Or, you can also download and install the Bing Bar if you want. Certainly, over time, your points will build up. Finally, you can reimburse these points for real items.

The rewards program will have certain levels. When you reach these levels, you will be able to earn points for a certain number of searches each day. Each day, your number of searches refreshes. Thus, you can jump from one level to the next level, and get more points.

You Can Get Burger King

With your credits, you can get yourself a Burger King gift card. For example, a $5 Burger King eGift might be 525 credits. Of course, it might take time to build up all those points! If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can get gift cards for Domino’s Pizza, Applebee’s, or others that are on offer. Thus, by using Bing for your searches, you can earn real credits to get yourself real food!

Besides just restaurant gift cards, the rewards program offers you other gift cards as well. These include Sephora, Amazon, and other cards. You can even get $5 off Bing and Microsoft apparel. So, try Bing out today. It will help you earn gift cards, so that you can save and watch your money grow.