World’s Smallest iPhone: 5 Reasons to Buy

Look out, guys. The world’s smallest iPhone is here. Well, it is not an iPhone. It is a mini Android smartphone. And, it looks exactly like an iPhone. The size makes it a great present for your kids.

World’s Smallest iPhone: 5 Reasons to Buy

NUMBER ONE REASON TO BUY: Smallest iPhone Only Costs $99.72 (Before Tax)!

We all know what money can buy. Riches, gold, and the ‘world’s smallest 7Plus Android Mobile Phone’. Relax about the iPhone cost. This phone is only $99.72 (before tax) on Amazon.

NUMBER TWO REASON TO BUY: Your Kids Will Look Rich

Another reason to buy this phone is that your kids will look rich. As they are holding up their iPhone lookalike in their business suits, you will think that they are perfect little children.

NUMBER THREE REASON TO BUY: Smallest iPhone Takes Your Kids Off Your Hands

With an Internet-browsing function and the ability to download apps from the Google Play store, this phone takes your kids off your hands. You will no longer have to spend money babysitting them! This phone will take care of the babysitting for you.

NUMBER FOUR REASON TO BUY: Introduce Your Kids to Tech

This tiny device is a great way to introduce your kids to tech. Instead of letting them use your office iPhone, give them their own smartphone. It will come with email features, Bluetooth, Youtube, and more.


Finally, with its small size 2.4-inch touchscreen, this phone is perfect for dwarves and people with little hands. It will also fit in dwarves’ pockets. So, next time you need to insult your friend, go ahead and gift them a mini-android, perfect for their Donald Trump-like hands.

We got it. You don’t have the money to spend on your kids. But, think of all the free time you will have once they do not need you to entertain them. Certainly, there is such a thing as opportunity cost. Meaning, you can use this time to earn more money.