Profitable Sect leader; profitable cult leader Top 3 Most Profitable Cults; Should You Start a Cult

One of the top ways to make money is to start a cult. Sure, many people have different opinions. However, no matter the definition, strange cults have a way of making money. And, here is a list of the top 3 most profitable cults. Should you start a cult?

Top 3 Most Profitable Cults; Should You Start a Cult


Nuwaubian Nation is one of the top profitable cults on our list. The sect is extremely strange. And, it combines Christianity and ancient Egyptian iconography. Additionally, it includes African rituals and a belief that the aliens are coming.

Dwight York founded the Nuwaubian Nation sect. The sect believes that there are 144,000 people who are special. According to the believers, these special people will “escape death” in a flying city to Orion. Even more, they believe that these followers will fight in the final battle against Satan.

As a result of its activities, the sect made money. Thus, it was able to build a massive compound in rural Georgia. Moreover, the sect’s beliefs grew to include racial theory, cosmology, anti-government conspiracies, and linguistics. Eventually, the founder went to prison for life. However, before that, he was running a massive child molestation ring of over one thousand victims. It was back in 2002.


The Twelve Tribes is yet another profitable cult. It was founded in 1972 in Tennessee. The cult spread quickly around the South of the United States.

The group intends to recreate the Christian church from the Book of Acts. The members practice messianic Jewish beliefs. And, the teachings include the idea that the Jews killed Christ. Due to its beliefs, the sect is working to establish 12 Israeli tribes around the globe. Moreover, it warns people about the “upcoming” end of the world.

The strange organization consists of a few thousand members. Even more, it has some skeletons in its closet. Thus, one of the accusations is that the cult exploits children for tax evasion; that is a “great way” to become a profitable cult.


Supreme Master Ching Hai is another profitable cult. The sect’s leader claims to be able to channel God’s inner light. Furthermore, estimates are that 20,000 people bought into this claim. So, the followers are now helping “their teacher” get a fancy lifestyle.

Due to the cult activities, Ching Hai is able to run an international business group. So far, her businesses include vegetarian restaurants, jewelry and clothing shops, and a media arm. Supreme Master Ching Hai also teaches environmentalism. Despite this, she built an artificial island in a Florida mangrove reserve. Consequently, the government took the island and sold it. However, it didn’t stop the “Supreme Master” from fooling people. Above all, her supporters are very faithful. Thus, they wear necklaces with her image and work for free in Ching Hai’s business entities.