Playstation Box for Fortnite Battle Royale Fans: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

With a new “Playstation Box” that was recently created by a Danish designer, the community of gamers can now be certain – gaming is no longer limited to one place. As you may know, for the best gaming experience, one needs at least a good screen and a headset. Good screens that are usually bigger than 17” are not very portable, and thus limit one to a specific place in a house or an apartment. The problem faced by many gamers seemed to be solved by a Danish designer, who invented a luggage looking box in which one can keep a screen and a console for transportation.

Playstation Box: Looks

The so-called “Playstation Box” (official name – GameBoks) is a durable minimalist product made of wood. Like a high-quality minimalist piece of furniture, this item goes in style with the modern gaming industry’s flows and vibes. The engravings imprinted on the top of the box give the GameBoks a unique look that is crucially important in the industry of designer items.

Playstation Box: Looks

Playstation Box: Go Outside and Play

Take the words literally. When Mom says “Go outside and play”, no obstacles should prevent you from doing so. Just take the “Playstation Box” and continue enjoying the journeys of Fortnite Battle Royale game outside of your home. If you crave more action, invite friends with GameBokses to join you somewhere in a park or a backyard.

1. Playstation Box GameBoks

Playstation Box: Good Cause

Giving back to Mother Earth is trending amongst entrepreneurs these days. It is good to be good. Thus, similar to how Elon Musk is trying to save the planet from global warming and how Bill Gate is trying to improve the overall quality of life on Earth, the GameBoks team has its own focus on the planet’s beautification. With each “Playstation Box” sold, the GameBoks team plants a tree as a way of giving back to the Earth.

Passion and dedication are true indicators of modern-day entrepreneurship. While some build hardware pieces and write code, others design less complex but practical items that improve the quality of one’s life. The GameBoks team proves to be the latter, with their unique gaming box – the GameBoks that makes gamers smile.