Noble Ant ICO Review

Noble Ant is one of our top picks for upcoming ICOs. As the ICO is coming up in a matter of months, with a pre-sale before that, RollStroll performed the below ICO review for Noble Ant, based on several factors. These factors were: vision, innovation, technology, and creativity.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Vision – 5 stars

After reviewing and evaluating Noble Ant’s white paper, RollStroll rates Noble Ant’s vision 5 out of 5 stars. The mainstream accelerator model is currently one that provides Demo Day for a limited number of investors. RollStroll believes that Noble Ant can shift the market dynamic so that retail investors can also have a chance to view accelerated startups on Noble Ant Demo Day.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Innovation – 4.5 stars

Noble Ant’s innovation factor ranks 4.5 out of 5 stars. The accelerator for blockchain startups is targeting a relatively new field, but in our review it ranks less than 5 on the innovation scale. This is because the site’s whitepaper indicates that Noble Ant aims to distribute NANTs that are ERC20 tokens. Thus, this is built on existing Ethereum technology.

However, RollStroll believes that Noble Ant’s business model is innovative in that it shifts the focus audience to retail investors who hold Noble Ant tokens.

Noble Ant ICO Review – Technology – 5 stars

Noble Ant’s whitepaper shows that it will use smart contracts to calculate the token pricing and distribute the tokens accordingly. As most ICOs that we have encountered have assigned a fixed price to their tokens, Noble Ant’s ICO technology rates 5/5 stars on RollStroll. In addition, in the main crowdsale the ICO has hundreds of rounds of price calculations (360, to be exact).

Noble Ant ICO Review – Creativity – 5 stars

RollStroll rates Noble Ant’s creativity 5 out of 5. Noble Ant aims to address the current gap in the blockchain startup ICO success rate. It does this through an accelerator program with a Demo Day for retail investors who hold Noble Ant tokens.