Top 3 Easy to Use Apps for the Amateur Photographer Top 6 Online Dating Apps That Are Similar to Tinder

We have mini-cameras at our fingertips on a daily basis; therefore, we have all become amateur photographers. Thanks to Instagram and Flickr, it’s so easy to have a gallery to display your work on, and it might even make you famous. Many “local” celebrities have become famous due to their ability to create, edit and share images, and there are dedicated accounts on each site created just for those images. So how can we become better at editing our images? As always, there’s an app for that!

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We all know about Photoshop, and we can choose a cool filter on Instagram to add a unique touch, but are there any other apps out there that might work better for you? Of course, there are! Here are my three favorite apps for the amateur photographer in you!

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Polarr Photo Editor

This revolutionary app is taking photo editing to a whole new level. In geek-speak, it’s using web technology rather than the normal coding to bring you software that is user-friendly and gives you more options for improving your photos. The technology used to create this app is innovative and hasn’t been used before. This, out of many apps for the amateur photographer has climbed its way to the top of Apple’s “best new app” list. And the best part about this awesome, new app? It’s FREE, for now, anyway.

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Personally, this is my favorite of apps for the amateur photographer. PicLab not only gives you the ability to add filters to your photos, but it gives you more editing options similar to Photoshop. You can add and customize words and themes, create collages, and add stickers or overlays to your photo. You can alter the light of the photo with light-leaks, or draw on an image to create a unique look and feel. Virtually anything is possible with this FREE app.

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This easy to use and FREE photography app gives you an incredibly versatile tool package and various presets to help you edit your photos quickly and more efficiently. VSCO Cam gives you more filter packs than the usual photo-editing app and allows you to adjust each preset, with or without the filter added.

Don’t give up on your love for taking pictures just because one app was confusing or too simple and featureless for you! There are dozens of photo-editing apps for the amateur photographer, and some might work better than others for you and your style of photography. Many of the apps are free so check them out and see what works best for you!