The Different Types of Drunk

Everyone enjoys going out or staying in with friends and having a drink every once in a while. Similarly, we all have that one friend who is quite shy and reserved. That is until he or she gets a little too much liquid courage in his or her system. According to a study done by the University of Missouri, this is 1 of the 4 types of drunkenness known as the “Nutty Professor”.

While the study doesn’t account for every single type of drunk personality and doesn’t account for a total of 100 percent, it gives a pretty good look at the 4 main types of drunkenness that someone might be.

 Types of Drunk 1: The “Hemingway”

According to the study, this category is what most drinkers would fall into, accounting for about 40 percent of drinkers. This is the category of people who reported that their personality only changed very slightly while intoxicated. Drinkers that are affected less by intoxication can allegedly handle their alcohol better. Much like the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, for whom the category is named after. Hemingway once declared that he could, “drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk.”

 Types of Drunk 2: The “Mr. (or Ms.) Hyde”

This is number 2 of 4 types of drunkenness that the study found. Taking up residence in about 20 percent of drinkers, people who belong to this category reported being considerably less responsible, thinking less, and being more aggressive while drunk than they would had they been in their “Dr. Jekyll” or sober state.

 Types of Drunk 3: The “Mary Poppins”

Having the least amount of people in this category of the 4 main types of drunkenness, the “Mary Poppins” takes root in about 15 percent of drinkers. The “Mary Poppins” types are those who embody the epitome of everything sweet and good with the world. These people tend to handle their alcohol more responsibly and have fewer problems.

 Types of Drunk 4: The “Nutty Professor”

Taking up another 20 percent of drinkers is the last of the 4 types of drunk, the “Nutty Professor” category. These are people who are introverted and shy when sober but really come out of their shells once they’ve had a few. They can go from being not even noticed to being the life of the party. While this drunk personality often is the most extreme change, it does not correlate with a higher level of harm done.

The Different Types of Drunk