Top 6 Websites Similar to Amazon

Quietly raising purchase requirements for free shipping and adding an unlimited number of paid services, Amazon is arguably the best option when it comes to online shopping. Consider the following alternatives to Amazon. Here are five.

Top 6 Websites Similar to Amazon

Best Buy – Better than Amazon

It’s much easier to qualify for free shipping on Best Buy than Amazon these days. If you are looking to buy gadgets or video games, consider Best Buy. It is going to pleasantly surprise you.

Target – One of the Greatest Alternatives to Amazon

When it comes to discounts and “real deals,” Target is ideal. From faster shipping to 5% discounts for Target Redcard users, you will get a vast number of benefits.

ShopRunner – Great Option for American Express Users

If you are looking for free two-day shipping and opportunities to return items from as such famous retailers as Toys R Us, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus, and more, check out ShopRunner website. The online store will not only waive all your fees, but it will give you a great number of discounts on your favorite products. Just keep in mind that you have to be an American Express Card user. – One of the Best Websites Similar to Amazon

The most direct competitor and the “killer” of Amazon, is perhaps the best alternative on this list. With its significantly cheaper prices on almost all products and free 2-day shipping on orders greater than $35, this website is gaining its fanbase at the speed of light.

L.L. Bean, Nordstrom, and Zappos – Always Free Shipping

We’ve placed these three websites under one subheading due to their similarities. All three, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom, and Zappos offer 100% free shipping regardless of the significance of your order. The motto of these sites is “there are no small customers.” Unlike Amazon, these three online shopping websites feature fewer items. But what can be better than free shipping?