Top 5 Websites That Could Destroy Gmail

There are many web-based email service websites that are free and easy to use, just like Gmail. From free storage to automatic organizers, you can find what is important for you. Thus, below is the list of the top 4 alternatives to Gmail.

Top 4 Websites That Are Similar to Gmail

Hushmail – One of the Best Websites Similar to Gmail

If you care about built-in encryption and clear interface without ads, Hushmail is for you. This website is easy to use on iPhone and Android. The web-based email also offers 25GB of free storage (that is 25 times more than what Google mail has to offer).

Zoho – Among Best Alternatives to Gmail

Secure hosting and ad-free interface make Zoho number 2 on our list of the best alternatives to Gmail. The website works with your own domain(s). The free plan allows you to host only one domain. With the lite plan, you are allowed to have up to 5 users with 5GB of storage for each. If your mobile device supports POP or IMAP, you will have no problems of using Zoho on your smartphone. is Similar to Gmail

Just like the other alternatives, is free. As a user, you can choose any (out of over 200) domains. Unlimited email storage, calendar integration, and mobile service make this website an ideal alternative to Google mail.

GMX – One of the Greatest Alternatives to Gmail

Similar to, GMX has cool features such as Mail Collector and unlimited email storage. The email service allows you to attach large files up to 50MB. In order to transfer larger files, you will have to use the FileStorage feature. Unlike the previous alternative, GMX only has domain. Despite that, the platform offers Social Media features, such as “quick access to Facebook and Twitter.” In addition to all this, GMX is famous for its multifunctional anti-spam module, multiple backup systems, and data security functions.