Top 6 Websites That Are Better Than IMDB

Even though IMDb is one of the most popular sources for movie content, there are loads of similar websites that are worth your attention. From TV series to celebrity content, you can find it all in the searchable databases of these great alternatives to IMDB. Here are four.

Top 4 Websites That Are Similar to IMDB is One of the Best Alternatives to IMDB

One of the biggest direct competitors is This website is a perfect choice when it comes to movie trailers and Hollywood news. From reviews and ratings to new releases and showtimes, you will find it all. The major significant difference between the two is that the focuses on films only. Unlike IMDb, it has nothing to do with TV shows and video games.

Rotten Tomatoes Among the Greatest Websites Similar to IMDb

A great site for movie and TV news is Rotten Tomatoes. This alternative is perfect for those who like rating and reviewing films and TV shows. Rotten Tomatoes is famous for its extensive database of TV critics from all over the world as well as the signature feature “Tomatometer,” which was designed by the company to rate movies and TV shows as “Rotten,” “Fresh,” or “Certified Fresh.”

Letterboxd Website Similar to IMDb

Like IMDb, which combines information and reviews on films with Social Networking, Letterboxd offers similar features. The website is free to use, but you can unlock premium functions for $20/year. This will give you access to “Year In Review” updates, the capability to import movie lists, and Letterboxd synchronization with Netflix feature.

Allmovie – One of The Best Alternatives to IMDb

If you are looking for something more of a portal or a hub, Allmovie is for you. This website provides its users with information, reviews and ratings on TV shows and movies, as well as the content about movies stars and crew members. In addition to it, on AllMovie you can buy tickets and digital copies of media content.