Top 6 Websites That Are Similar to Kijiji

Whether you want to sell a car or buy a used iPhone, free personals sites have it all. Not only it’s convenient and easy to purchase and sell items online but you can find anything you want in a blink of an eye. Kijiji is one of the most famous websites that features classified ads. But it’s arguably the best out there. Below is the list of top 6 websites that are similar to Kijiji.

NUMBER ONE Kijiji ALTERNATIVE is one of the best alternatives out there. With an enormous amount of traffic from the U.S. and Canada, this platform features millions of different products and services on a day to day basis.


The second great option is ClassifiedAds. Unlike Backpage, this website has an even more simplistic-minimalist look, which makes the use of the website a breeze.


Notorious Craigslist is number three on out list. Poor design in the best fashion of the late 90th the beginning of 2000th is a distinct feature of this monster. Despite its ugly looks, the platform is super functional and easy to use.

NUMBER FOUR Kijiji ALTERNATIVE is the next great option for folks who are looking to sell and buy goods online. Unlike the previous website, this platform is dedicated to a specific community of sellers and buyers.


Number five on our list is EPage. Just like Craigslist, this platform is famous for its ugly design. Despite that, Epage has a lot of followers. One of the greatest aspects of this website is its famous foreclosure feature that helps you find foreclosure houses.



The last but not the least website on our list is LocalFind. This platform makes the process easy by narrowing options to your immediate area. Just like the name suggests, LocalFind is great for your “Local Find.” On top of it, unlike several of the previous websites, it has a great interface.

Top 6 Websites That Are Similar to Kijiji