Top 6 Websites That Are Similar to Craigslist

Love them or hate them, free personals sites have their uses in society. Whether you are simply shopping for a new futon or looking for organs on the black market, free personals sites have it all. Not only do these sites make it easy to find whatever you’re looking for, but they make selling things a breeze. You’ve probably heard of, which is arguably the most popular. However, did you know there are dozens, if not hundreds, of alternative sites just like it? If you do know, then good job. This article is for those who don’t know, though, so let’s take a look at six new websites for you to explore.


Backpage is perhaps one of the most popular personal alternatives one can find online. The site is massive and gets large amounts of traffic. Hence, users can find a wide array of products from the USA, Europe, Canada, and more. Furthermore, it’s free!


ClassifiedAds is exactly what it seems. Next to BackPage, ClassifiedAds is a major source for personals. No matter where you are in the world, you can list personals in a completely free fashion. Sell your shirts, your mom’s shirts, your dad’s shirts or even your dog in a simple and quick fashion.


Geebo. Like all the others on this list, Geebo is free. However, it’s a bit different in that it’s most limited to the U.S. However, that means it’s even easier for your to buy and sell things locally. Furthermore, the design format is easy to use so if you are new to the whole personal ads thing, you don’t have to worry.

NUMBER FOUR CRAIGSLIST ALTERNATIVE seems pretty basic but it’s a tad different than the other ones out there. As you can imagine, Sell is best used for people wanting to… sell. Whether it’s local or global, users can sell their stuff quickly on this marketplace of millions.


EPage is yet another excellent alternative you should check out. One of the coolest aspects of EPage is their unique foreclosure feature. Here, you can find foreclosure homes and then purchase them for a quick flip or lifelong domicile.


Like the name suggests LocalFind is about easy, local classified ads in your immediate area. Unlike other sites, this one focuses on spam free ads and a beautiful interface.

Top 6 Websites That Are Similar to Craigslist