Daily Picks: 9 Articles About 'Crazy Travel' Top 5 Websites that Feature UFO and Aliens

Aliens and UFO has always been a hot topic on the Internet. From secrets of Area 51 to the abduction cases, extraterrestrials have always been a part of our everyday life. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of Top 5 Websites that Feature Aliens and UFO.

1. OpenMinds

OpenMinds is a popular website that features UFO news and investigations. The site is full of interviews, independent investigations, and conspiracy theories. Besides videos and blog posts, OpenMinds is known for its conferences and festivals.

2. Mufon

Mufon.com is another famous website featuring aliens. Unlike OpenMinds, this publication mostly focuses on scientific researchers and historical events associated with mysteries of Extraterrestrial Life.

3. UFO Sightings Daily

This is one of the oldest blogs featuring Alien Life. Despite being visually ugly and not responsive, the website has tons of information on the latest Pilot Sightings, Police Sightings, and Military Sightings.

A lot of large media outlets featured news from UFO Sightings Daily in the past.

4. MysticSauce

MysticSauce offers an alternative view on Extraterrestrial Life. It’s a great source for non-orthodox aspects of Extraterrestrial Life. Besides aliens, MysticSauce also covers topics in Magic and Religion.

5. Clapway

Clapway is essentially a source for quirky ET discoveries. Both funny and serious, the content featured on this website is aimed to educate and entertain all categories of readers.

Clapway is one of the biggest websites (out of 5) that feature Alien Life and UFO.