Hackers , Hacker , Hacking mastermind Top 5 Hacker Arrests Featured on Youtube

While hackers are smart and talented, they commit crimes. From breaking social media websites to stealing money from international bank accounts, hackers do it all. Below is the list of Top 5 Hacker Arrests Featured on Youtube.

1. Hacker Arrest on Youtube: Russian ‘Genius’ Suspected in LinkedIn Breach

Here we are again! Traditionally, Russia is known for its knowledgeable people who are good at exact sciences. In this Youtube videos, Czech Republic authorities arrest the guy who is suspected in LinkedIn Breach.

2. Hacker Arrest on Youtube: Boy Hacked the School System to Improve his Grades

I don’t want to pray criminals but I like this guy. To be honest, I don’t even think he is a criminal. Yes, he hacked the school system but what a big deal. If I were his teacher I would give him a good grade for his ‘creative approach’ in solving the problem.

3. Hacker Arrest on Youtube: ISIS Hacker Arrested

Unlike the boy from the previous video, this hacker is a serious criminal worth thousands of bad guys. Ardit Ferizi (name of the criminal) stole information from more than 1000 federal employees and the members of the U.S. military and handed it over to ISIS. The terrorist organization, in turn, created the “kill list” of the military personal and the federal employees…

The man who produced the execution list is now in handcuffs.

4. Hacker Arrest on Youtube: Teen Hacked CIA

The number of young hackers has widely increased for the past decade. This video features one of such individuals. The hacking mastermind allegedly breached the famous Sony’s network.

5. Hacker Arrest on Youtube: Two Russian Hackers Arrested in Thailand for Money Laundering

Who doesn’t love easy money? Unfortunately, miracles don’t happen often, and, according to the famous saying, “The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.” After stealing millions of dollars and transferring them oversees, this couple eventually got what it deserved.