Ivan Kv, a Silicon Valley crypto influencer, is launching 4Bulls, an all-in-one trading platform that allows retail crypto traders to connect to exchanges via API and trade by utilizing high-power trading and copy trading tools to maximize profits. 4Bulls is designed to automate trading so that platform users can take emotions out of the trading equation and make the right calls.

What Is 4Bulls?

With its unique hybrid intelligence system, 4Bulls aims to combine the best attributes of the human touch and automation tools. By leveraging the key strengths of humans and machines, the platform offers a highly useful solution for the financial world.

By pairing trading skills and knowledge with 4Bulls’ tools that are designed to automate manual tasks, serious traders can experience more efficient cryptocurrency trading.

For inexperienced crypto traders who are looking for help in making a trading decision, 4Bulls offers the copy trading tool, which is designed to allow the users to take passive roles by subscribing to and copying the signals of more experienced traders.

The platform offers an excellent opportunity for beginners to jump-start their crypto trading careers with ease. Professionals can also capitalize on their skills in a robust and mature way.

The 4Bulls platform will be launched on May 1, 2020. There are plenty of benefits being offered for early adopters who sign up during the Pre-sale period, including access to a community of retail crypto traders and a 100 percent refund within 30 calendar days after the launch of the project if unsatisfied with the platform.