Sasha Grey to Become the Next President

There is something weird going on out there. And, this weird thing is that a few people have started discussing the prospect of Sasha Grey becoming president. S. Grey, according to the web, is an adult film actress who entered the world of hardcore porn at a young age. She won many awards for doing this and she is now focusing on mainstream acting. What do you think about the notion of S. Grey becoming president?

Sasha Grey to Become the Next President

Sasha Grey for President: Amazon T-shirts

Apparently, getting a Sasha Grey for President T-shirt is an option on Amazon. While we do not see that anyone has reviewed the item as of yet, someone did design this. Imagine that the world of presidential election and candidacy has reached this point! There are no remarks as to qualifications on the shirt, other than a picture.

Sasha Grey for President: Reddit

We even found that Reddit users are contemplating the idea of Sasha Grey for president. While this has to CLEARLY be a joke, one question had to do with who would form the rest of the government. To this, Reddit users were quick to come up with witty suggestions.

Sasha Grey for President: Facebook

The idea of getting S. Grey for president has started a movement on Facebook. So, yes, there is a political group with the name, “Sasha Grey for president,” and it is hilarious. From what we can see, the page is so far unofficial and has generated 10 likes.

Of course, we are not seriously behind the idea of getting S. Grey for president. But, it shows that numerous other people are supporting the idea. Although it might not be realistic, it shows that users are willing to spend energy on creating products for this political ideology. If Sasha really runs for president, then there might be some questions as to her qualifications and so forth.