Pamela Anderson Boobs: Top 3 Ways to Make Them

A lot of women want to have boobs like those of Pamela Anderson. Of course, not everyone has the ability to pay for plastic surgery. Nor do they have the appetite to go under the knife and endure all the complications. So, here are top 3 ways to make your boobs look like Pamela Anderson boobs.

Top 1 Way to Make Pamela Anderson Boobs: Wear Two Bras

Our top method to make your boobs look bigger is to wear two bras. Usually, you can get away with wearing one pushup bra and a normal bra on top of that one. It does wonders to make you look several cups bigger than you are.

Top 2 Way to Make Pamela Anderson Boobs: Use Bronzer to Highlight Your Boobs

Our top second way to make your boobs stand out and look rounder is to use bronzers. You can layer the bronzers so that one of them shimmers and one of them produces a darkening effect. You can use a shimmery bronzer on your chest to attract overall attention to the area. Then, you can use a dark bronzer to contour the tops of your breasts so that they look rounder and deeper. We recommend using both bronzers if you want the full effect. (You can get a variety of bronzers from your local drugstore, like CVS or Walgreens.)

Top 3 Way to Make Pamela Anderson Boobs: Get Upbra

Our top 3 way to make your boobs look like Anderson’s is to get an Upbra. It makes a dramatic difference in cleavage. Plus, it lifts your boobs up so that they look several sizes bigger.

We are sure that after using these tips, and perhaps even combining all of them, you will not need the expensive plastic surgery. And, your dates will likely go smoother. If you want to feel more attractive and confident when you go out, try our tips. If you have any further recommendations on how to make Pamela Anderson boobs, please leave them in the comments below.