Wifetube Success: Top 4 Things You Did Not Know

Wifetube is something that not a lot of us think about. Well, okay, maybe some of you do. But you might not know much about how successful wifetube really is. Sexy Wife Tube markets to a particular niche of individuals who like to watch housewives, soccer moms, and others of this category. There are a few interesting things that we found about this niche.

Top 1 Thing You Did Not Know: A Lot of People Are into Sexy Wifetube

Apparently, a lot of people are into Sexy Wife Tube. As of January 2019, the total users are about 95,000 per month.

Top 2 Thing You Did Not Know: Demand Is Growing

The top second thing that you did not know about Sexy Wife Tube is that demand for this is growing! From December 2018, the number of total monthly visits was 65,000. In October 2018, it was only 30,000. At January 2019’s total visit number of 95,000 per month, the demand has more than tripled since October of last year.

Top 3 Thing You Did Not Know: There Are Many Categories

The third thing that you might not have known about wifetube is that there are many categories associated with it! For example, a Google search can yield words such as “Mature”, “MILF”, “Amateurs”, “Toys”, “Hairy”, “Lingerie”, “Party”, “ Babes”, and more. With so many categories, you can be sure that there is something for anyone’s need.

Top 4 Thing You Did Not Know: German Users Seem to like Wifetube the Most

What was most surprising about this particular niche of videos is that German users seem to like it the most. According to SimilarWeb, the highest percentage of user traffic for Sexy Wife Tube came from Germany, at 8.24%. The next highest is Italy, at 8.04%. So, the two are nearly tied, but German users are approaching the site at a slightly higher volume.