Top 3 Reasons Why Delta is So Bad and S***ty

I get super anxious when companies hurt innocent people, especially when they hurt innocent people with children. I always knew that Delta is a piece of s**t, but after watching the YouTube video “Family With Infant Children Booted Off Delta Flight,” I once again came to realize that I was right with this belief.

Reason 1: Don’t Learn from Mistakes

The old saying goes, “Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.” To make it applicable to the DAL case, I will paraphrase the previous statement to, “Smart companies learn from their mistakes. But the real smart ones learn from the mistakes of others.” Apparently, Delta is totally stupid, since it either didn’t manage to learn from the mistakes United made, or it didn’t learn anything from its previous overbooking mistakes.

Reason 2: Terrible Customer Service

Delta’s rating on Consumer Affairs is 1.2 stars out of 5 stars (1862 reviews). It seems that the Customer Service is the biggest issue for DAL. People lose their luggage, they miss their connection flights, and, the most terrible point is that DAL seems to have no empathy for people. Delta’s employees publically embarrass their customers, they threaten them, and they don’t bother to apologize after making mistakes.

Delta’s poor customer service ranges from sending luggage to different cities and not offering apologies and solutions to solve the problems to rejecting to serve their customers on DAL planes. Follow this link to read more of the stories.

Reason 3: Inhumane

No matter what happens in our lives, when someone loses a loved one, we should have some empathy for that person. It seems like that’s not the case when it comes to DAL. In early 2011, Delta allegedly killed a woman’s cat, then offered her the standard $50 lost luggage fee to make amends. Reports said the cat froze to death when a door latch malfunctioned in the cargo hold, exposed the poor cat to the cold. In April of 2017, Delta sent the passenger’s deceased mother’s casket to the wrong city. The relatives never received a formal apology from Delta.

Why Do People Choose Delta?

Many people choose DAL just because there are often no other alternatives or better options available on the market. However, in a hurry to save money on the best flight deals, we should always remember that we are customers. Thus, let’s not let companies like Delta take advantage of our kindness.

Top 3 Reasons Why Delta is So Bad and S***ty