Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl Review

Ed Sheeran – the hit song creator – always shows up with a surprising hit. This time the location takes place in Ireland.


Galway Girl, just like any other “Teddy” song, is about passion and fun. The familiar elements of the lyrics include “bar,” “dance,” and the same old “Van on the jukebox” (it’s “Van the Man on the jukebox” in “Shape of you”). Ed is clearly a fan of the singer-songwriter Van Morrison.

The unique elements of the lyrics show themselves in the form of words such as “fiddle,” “Galway,” and “Carrickfergus.” Hopefully, teenagers will start learning geography and history.


From a marketing standpoint, the approach is great, as young people might find a lot of support from their idol. From a moral standpoint, the song is clearly not about freshly-squeezed juice and Pilates. Ranging from smoking to drinking to kissing in public, teenagers will discover everything taboo that their mothers are against.


The song is catchy and simple. The arrangement is not overloaded. Vivid elements of strings (fiddles), flute (or a similar wind instrument), and other components of Irish folk make the tune tremble. The peculiar Irish motif matches the story, which makes me think once again that Ed Sheeran knows what he is doing.


The POV technique used in Galway Girl is not new. Many artists used this technique, including One Direction in their video Night Changes. Despite that, the video has a logically structured plot and the scenes very closely match the lyrics. Nothing extraordinary was in the video, and that is why I like it. Special effects annoy me. I believe in the power of simplicity.

4. Ed Sheeran