Top 4 Best Vintage Jokes by Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is an unbelievably charismatic Canadian-American actor and comedian who deserves a lot of respect from fans of quality media content. Carrey’s impressions and screens are deep in the history of cinematography and acting. In this post, I have compiled the list of the top 4 best vintage jokes made by Jim Carrey.

Top 4 Best Vintage Jokes by Jim Carrey

Number 1 – Workout

Yes, humor has changed – but not when it comes to evergreen Vera de Milo episodes. It’s hard to believe that something that was made over a decade ago can still be trending.

Number 2 – Dating Game

Ugly Woman Wanda on The Dating Game is a type of sensitive humor that many of us miss these days. We just try not to seem racist today. Back in the days, nobody really bothered.

Number 3 – Juice Weasel

Welcome to the wonderful world of juice. Jim Carrey mocks the healthy lifestyle. Try not to laugh next time you get your freshly squeezed juice.

Number 4 – Cold Dead Hand

In this series, Jim Carrey makes a totally retarded imitation of an Oklahoma native. I wonder if he would get a smack in the face performing this song in front of real life cowboys or rednecks.