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On YouTube’s  “Ask a Porn Star” viewers get an inside look at the lives of those in the porn industry. The latest episode asked them what the worst reaction has been in regards to their job. Of the many hilarious responses, one Pornhub star claimed a priest verbally attacked with curse words.

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Austrian Pornhub star Mick Blue had an interesting anecdote to share with YouTube viewers. Blue was invited back to Austria for a guest appearance on a talk show with other celebrities. As many of these shows tend to do, the drama was forced upon Blue and the other guests when a priest was thrown into the conversation. Being a pornstar, Blue, and the priest didn’t seem to get along very well. Upon being repeatedly cursed out by a servant of God, Blue decided he had enough.

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Pornhub star Mick Blue decided to take the attack into his own hands. He challenged the priest’s accusations as hypocritical. After all, God is supposed to be a loving, forgiving person who treats all those on Earth equally. For that reason, Mick Blue thought he was wrongfully accused of being a sinner and the priest was acting out of character. Besides, didn’t that priest know that watching porn can actually make you become more religious?


In a strange dose of irony, a study published in the Journal of Sex Research stated that those who watch porn more than once a week tend to become more religious. The study followed a group of people over six years measuring both their pornography use and religiousness. While some outliers should a decline in religiosity others saw religious enthusiasm skyrocket. One theory surrounding this is that porn watchers feel guilt. To rid them of this guilt, they begin attending church regularly. So let that be a lesson to the priests out there. The majority of people attending your church may only be there because they are addicted to porn and feel guilty. Perhaps it’s time to treat them with a little more respect.