Katy Perry: Top 4 Best Jokes

I admire Katy Perry as a human with a great sense of humor. In songs, in statements, and in her approach, she is a big fan of mocking and self-mocking. In this post, I have decided to outline the top 4 Best Jokes (in my opinion) expressed by Katy Perry. Let’s get started.

Katy Perry: Top 4 Best Jokes

Number 1: Katy Perry and Obama Joke

While communicating with her fans on Snapchat, Katy Perry threw an Obama joke in response to her fan’s statement about missing her old black hair. Apparently, not everyone understood the joke, and some even called Perry a racist. However, I personally think that there was nothing wrong with the joke, and Obama himself probably liked it (as he was clearly praised in the message).

Katy Perry: Top 4 Best Jokes

Number 2: The Flute Joke

Back in 2011, the video “Katy Perry Fails at Playing Flute” went viral. Many people believed that the singer tried to fake playing the instrument and failed. However, to me, the whole incident seems like a nicely staged joke. Again, it outlines creativity and the high EQ level of the singer.

Katy Perry - Flute Joke

Number 3: Mental Health

Many folks find Katy Perry’s jokes offensive and tasteless. I, however, see a good amount of irony and lightness hidden behind Katty Perry’s sense of humor. During one of the Red Carpet ceremonies, Perry made a remark about how she is taking care of herself and “she hasn’t shaved her hair yet.” Obviously, everyone saw the statement as one which patronized Brittney Spears. And, indeed, it was one. Although, I believe the joke was innocent. I am sure Perry didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Katy Perry: Top 4 Best Jokes

Number 4: My Globes

This one is simple. The famous celebrity joked about bringing her “globes” to the 2016 Golden Globes event. Katy doesn’t seem too modest, as one might notice.

Katy Perry: Top 4 Best Jokes

Call her tasteless or witty, the fact is the fact. Katy Perry is an individual who has a unique voice and perception on life.