Top 5 Animals With Autism on Youtube

Animals are unique beings that never stop entertaining us. While some forms of their behavior are well known to us, there are certainly some exceptions and unpredictabilities when it comes to autistic creatures. In this post, I have compiled the list of top 5 animals with autism that caught my attention.

Autistic Dog Eating

This furry critter reminded me the main character from the movie “The Accountant” (2016). The dog does not begin eating until every single piece of dog food is in the bowl.

Sam the Cat

Sam the Cat lives in his own alternate reality. He has visions and dreams like those ASD prodigies who can’t keep up with the real world.

Monkey with Autism

Unlike the first two animals, this one is a product of human curiosity. Chinese scientists have created a mutant monkey with autism, to test new drugs aimed at treating people with ASD. Just like a typical autistic child, this monkey shows severe social defects.

Autistic Rat and TV

This rat certainly experiences difficulties in responding to its environment the right way. Whether the rat is sensitive to the sound coming from the TV or something else, the rat’s response is a little bit offbeat, to say the least.

Autistic Bird

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what is normal and what is not, when it comes to animal behavior. However, this is not the case. The bird is just inadequate.