Lil Wayne: Top 10 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Lil Wayne is a Grammy Award-winning rapper who has millions of fans from all around the world. Like every other human being, he has his own little secrets. Thus, even if you are a fan of this famous celebrity, chances are that you still do not know everything about this superstar. Thus, I have compiled the list of top 10 shocking facts you may not have known about Lil Wayne.

Good Student

Lil Wayne only looks like a j boy from the hood. In reality, this celebrity is quite smart and intelligent. Back in the day before showbusiness took over his soul, he was a Straight-A student from McMain Magnet School.

Father at 15

Lil Wayne became a father at the age of 15. His daughter, Reginae Carter, is now 18. Besides that child, he has 3 more kids from different women. His so-called “b*****s” indeed love him.

He is Not a Real Gangster

Lil Wayne is not a real gangster. The bold lyrics about selling drugs are nothing more than a Cock-and-Bull Myth. He admitted that he enjoys sniffing and smoking but he never sold drugs. His lyrics are all about stage image and nothing more.

Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber

Besides performing together in 2 music videos, “Backpack” and “I’m the One,” LW and Justin Bieber were a part of one other project. In the music video “Celebrity,” LW was dancing in the background and Justin Bieber appeared once as a back vocalist.

Not a Freestyler

Who said that a real rapper should know how to freestyle? Listen to Lil Wayne at Westwood, and you might change your mind. In fact, he sucks so badly at freestyling that it’s paradoxically unbelievable. With a net worth of $150M, he is a big fish in the small tank of Hip-Hop.

Ironically enough, Lil Wayne’s career started due to a freestyle message for the owner of Cash Money Records, who, after listening to the unique piece of the recorded communication, offered the celebrity a contract.