Top 5 Justin Bieber Imitators on Youtube (try not to laugh)

Justin Bieber is a famous celebrity who has millions of fans across the world. Thus, it is not hard to believe that Bieber has a vast number of fans who try to imitate him. In this post, I have compiled a list of, in my opinion, the top 5 worst Justin Bieber imitators on Youtube.

Mexican Justin Bieber on Youtube

Some people believe that this version of Bieber’s song sounds better than the original version. Well, I am not sure if this is the case. In my opinion, both J. Bieber and the Mexican Bieber sound terrible. I should give this man credit, though. He is trying very hard.

Chinese Hitman Bieber on Youtube

Not only does this guy look like a maniac, he is one! The next time that Justin does something stupid (like throwing eggs at his neighbors’ house or driving under the influence), Justin should be sentenced to 40 hours of listening to the dude below. It might be more effective than fines and jailtime.

Greek Bieber on Youtube

If Justin Bieber was born in Greece to two abusive gay fathers, he would look and sound like the guy below.

Russian Bieber on Youtube

A carpet on the wall and a poster of Bieber shining next to it. That is how the video begins. Not only is the Russian Bieber singing offbeat, but he is also hitting some interesting notes. Wait, I forgot to mention the accent… Yuriy is in the town.

Asian Justin Bieber on Youtube

The below Asian version of Justin Bieber is mindblowing. Keep your eyes on the guy’s mustache. Also, closer to the end of the song you can spot the wind moving the curtain. Something tells me that it is a ghost who is trying to keep things quieter.

Did I forget something? Share your favorite Justin Bieber cover video in the comment section.