Snapchat Here's The Reason Why Snapchat is So Cheap

Snapchat first introduced in-app purchases with replays, and now it’s extending in-app purchases with the Snapchat Lens Store. The store offers users the best way to spice up their selfies. Lenses have been available for some time, 7 at a time and free of charge, but there are 30 extra options available for pay. Once purchased for $.99 (plus tax), users get to keep them forever.

Here's The Reason Why Snapchat is So Cheap

Because SC Doesn’t Have Enough Selfie Adjustment Options

The in-app purchases are available in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and some European countries. The famous app is looking to expand the feature worldwide.

Selfie Enthusiasts Should Get the Update

The update is available through iTunes or Google Play. In addition to the lenses, Snapchat is adding ‘Official Stories’ to its app, which allows users to see and follow verified celebrity accounts.

Celebrity presence has recently increased on Snapchat, as well as people posing as celebrities. Much like Instagram and Twitter, SC is looking to verify official accounts to avoid confusion among users.

Why Charge for Lenses

The Lenses feature caused a stir since its inception. This feature is arguably what made Snapchat unique and fun. Despite the hate that might bubble, the fact that the company is now charging users for its use might help the company generate some profit.

Of course, nothing that is good is free, and SC has shown ample proof of this fact. The great thing is that people are more than willing to spend $.99, if it means better selfies.

Here's The Reason Why Snapchat is So Cheap