Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts Nicki Minaj: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Nicki Minaj

Onika Tanya Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s real name was born on December 8th, 1982. She is probably among the most popular rap artists currently. So to say, her life has been a rollercoaster. One of its own. Faced with various problems while at a tender age, she overcame the issues and made it in the competitive and rather male-dominated entertainment industry. She is an American based singer, rapper, vocalist, rapper and television superstar. She was born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens, New York. Her breakthrough came after releasing three mixtapes featured between 2007 and 2009. Currently, she is signed to Young Money Entertainment Records. With that said, highlighted below are some of the shocking facts about Nicki Minaj depicting her real superstar feature.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts Nicki Minaj: 19 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know About Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Hates Her Stage Name

Apparently, she hates her stage name ‘Nicki Minaj.’ Before adopting this name, she began with ‘Cookie’ to ‘Harajuku Barbie’ before finally settling on Nicki Minaj. The first part, Nicki, was derived from her first name Onika. It is a short form of Onika as her friends would refer to her. Minaj was a twist from Maraj as suggested by a friend.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Wanted Her Dad Dead

It is a fact that most rappers, musicians, and celebrities have a questionable childhood. Be it parenting issues, raised by single parents or divorced and ignorant parents, a lot of them really suffered during their young age. For Nicki’s case, her father was a problem. He was a drug addict who would give off anything including house furniture for some money. Nicki got fed up when he started a fire on her mother. She wanted him dead. Quite a troubled life! Isn’t it?

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is the First Female to Get Seven Songs on Billboard Hot 100

As mentioned before, the rapping and hip hop music sector is male-dominated. However, Nicki beat all odds to become the first female rapper to have seven songs on the Billboard top 100 simultaneously in October 2010. Some of the songs that made it include ‘Your Love,’ ‘Check it Out’ and Right Through Me.’

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Began as a Waitress

It is said that every bright future has a humble beginning. To prove it, Nicki began as a waitress at the Red Lobsters restaurant. During the time, she also tried out some acting. She was fired from the restaurant due to being discourteous to customers. Nicki admits that she was fired from at least 15 jobs for similar reasons.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She has Only One Tattoo

Unlike other showbiz personalities, Nicki Minaj has only one tattoo. The tattoo is imprinted in Chinese meaning ‘God is always with you.’ Apparently, she regrets having the tattoo and wants it removed.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is a Great Cook

Having worked as a waitress and other odd jobs, expect a better cook from this queen of rap. However, this is not where her cooking skills began. She said in an interview that it is her father who taught her how to cook, especially Chicken Curry.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: The First and only Female Rapper on Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King list

Her music and rapping career began in 2004. However, in a short span, she managed to not only appear on the Forbes list of Hip-Hop Cash King list but also became the first female. So to say, she clocked no. 4 with an average earning of $29 million in 2013.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She was Discovered by Lil Wayne

If you know Nicki Minaj, then you are more conversant with Lil Wayne too. Just to mention, Lil Wayne is a famous rapper who made it rapping too. After kickstarting her career in 2004, she was signed to a Brooklyn-based group, Full Force where she rapped in a quartet called The Hoodstars. She later left the label and signed a deal with Young Money Entertainment in 2009 under the influence of Wayne.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is the First Female Rapper to Perform at Yankee Stadium

To this extent, Nicki Minaj has broken and set up numerous records. She made history by performing alongside hip hop and rap kingpins Jay-Z and Eminem at the Yankee Stadium on 13th September 2010. Other famous artists who were present included 50 Cent, Chris Martin, Dr. Dre, Drake, and B.O.B.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is a Dog Person

Nicki Minaj has been on record stating that she dislikes cats. However, she prefers keeping dogs over cats. Simply, she is a dog person.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is a Social Media Queen

With all these records and achievements, expect more from this superstar. So to say, she is the most followed rapper in various social media platforms including Twitter. Besides, she was listed at position four of the most active musicians on social media in the year 2011 by the Billboard.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: Her Favorite Stuff?

Nicki Minaj is medium choosy. This implies that she isn’t much choosy but has better options. To begin with, her favorite color would obviously be pink. Her favorite fruit is Mango; chocolates are Twix’s and Kit-Kat; program is Judge Judy. Lastly, her favorite actress is Zoe Saldana.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Had Ambitions of Being an Actress.

As mentioned before, Nicki tried her shot in acting while still a casual worker. However, she reports that acting was her main ambition. She hasn’t fallen short of this as she has been featured in various movies including ‘The Other Woman.’

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Raised Money for AIDS

She is not only a musically oriented persona. Back in 2012, she partnered with MAC cosmetic and helped raise $270 million for people living with AIDS. The campaign was dubbed MAC AIDS Drive and featured Ricky Martin.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She wasn’t Happy with Pink Friday

Nicki Minaj released her debut album Pink Friday in November 2010. The album sold over 375,000 copies in its first week and debuted at position four on the Billboard 200. Though a success and a hit with her fans, she admits that she was not happy with it. To her, it does not bring happy memories as she was dealing with ‘rapper problems.’

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She was a Bookworm

Unlike other celebs such as Adele who hated reading, Nicki Minaj loved reading books as a kid. She notes that books are a source of inspiration to her.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is a Real Feminist

Nicki considers herself a real feminist and believes that all women should be empowered. Probably, the reasons behind this being her early life, considering how her abusive father treated her mother. She has also battled a lot in the male-dominated rap industry.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She is Acrophobic

This will probably surprise you. Yes! She has a fear of heights.

Nicki Minaj Shocking Facts: She Hated Being an American Idol

The 12th season of the American Idol is probably among the most memorable reasons. Not because of special occurrences but due to the inclusion of Nicki Minaj as a guest-judge. However, her appearances were short lived. This was due to a viral video which was released depicting utter feud between her and Mariah Carey, the other judge on the show. Both left the show following this. However, she later admitted that she never enjoyed being in the show.


Much can be said about this fascinating queen of rap. She has intriguing character depictions, both positive and negative. However, Nicki Minaj has done a lot and broken more records, getting into the history books. If you get to know her outside the screens, you will certainly get to love her.

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