LGBT Community Hates Melania Trump

Physically attractive people must also be beautiful on the inside. Right? Not according to the famous LGBT leader Dan Savage who believes that the first lady is as ugly as f***. According to him, she is as terrifying on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.”

LGBT Community Calls Out Melania Trump

What bad did Melania Trump do to the LGBT leader and the community in general? Why would someone hate this beautifully looking woman? Savage mentions at least four crucial points:

  • Miss Trump is an immigrant who doesn’t give a ***** about other immigrants.
  • She supported the same racist conspiracy theories as her husband did. One of those theories included Barack Obama and his birth certificate.
  • Melania is a famous plagiarist.
  • And, the worst of all, she is a d**k to journalists and bloggers. She’s been famous for bringing media people to court.

I personally don’t blame Melania Trump for plagiarizing Michelle Obama and supporting her husband in everything great and stupid he did. For goodness sake, she has to be on the side of her family, of her squad. If you are a soldier who solemnly swore to protect the Constitution of the United, you would obey the orders of officers appointed over you, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Even if your officers make you do something stupid. The only thing I do not support though is suing the media people. Have mercy on them, First Lady. I think these folks don’t have enough power to defend themselves on a battlefield, my friend…

But they have a super weapon (aka Nuclear Bomb) in a form of photographs you don’t want to see.