Top 5 Marijuana Pranks (Best Hollyweed Pranks)

As Medical Marijuana getting legalized in more places across the globe, weed becomes widely popular among all categories of people. From politicians to famous athletes, weed has a fan base of millions of people.

Do you like being stoned? How about pulling Marijuana pranks? Well, there are a lot of enthusiasts who find this activity quite entertaining. Below are Top 5 Marijuana Pranks. Enjoy!

1. McDonalds Weed Prank

This man ordered a burger, chicken nuggets, and, as it turned out, a bag of weed on the side. What a surprise. The reaction of the McDonald’s employees is hilarious.

McSmoking, i’m lovin’ it…

2. Best Marijuana Pranks: Medical Pot Fish Bowl

As medical marijuana getting rapidly legalized across the United States, more and more folks are willing to pull smoking pranks on the public. This guy went a little bit too far

3. Top Marijuana Pranks: Dropping Weed in da Hood

Hoods are full of shady secrets and criminal activities. This boy went to one of such places to pull his marijuana prank on the locals.

Yo, yo, let’s smoke it out!

4. Smoking Weed with Cops Prank

Cops are humans too. And some of these humans have a great sense of humor. Of course, it’s better not to play jokes with police officers. But there should always be room for fun. This is one of such moments.

New York! Smoking jungle where dreams are made of…

5. Best Pot Pranks: Hollywood => Hollyweed

In general, vandals are one of the most terrible categories of people who ruin historic monuments and marvelous pieces of art. This case is an exception. The vandalized “Hollywood” sign that suddenly became “Hollyweed” looks just hilarious and leaves no negative feelings. Even the reporter is giggling while talking about the incident.

Let’s pull smart smoking pranks on people.

Whether you are a marijuana fan or not, it’s your choice. In this post, we just wanted to make you smile. We do NOT promote smoking of any kind!