Top 5 Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers

If you are thinking of traveling internationally, make sure you are familiar with gay-friendly countries first. You will obviously want to feel comfortable in a place where you are going to spend your money. Amazon is full of deals for everyone. And to save up your time, we’ve compiled a list of top 5 Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers.

Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers Number 1: ZZYY Mens Soft Gay And Lesbian Pride Slippers – $24.65

These sandals are perfect if you decide to visit one of the tropical countries. Whether it’s Spain or Thailand, your feet will be protected in these shoes.

Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers Number 2: Spartacus International Gay Guide 2016 – $21.85 (16% Off)

This guide will introduce you to a vast number of gay bars, hotels, saunas, and other places of entertainment. In the handbook, you will find detailed information about the laws on homosexuality around the globe. The book features over 135 countries.

Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers Number 3: Smile Gay Fall/Winter Cap – $10.00

This item comes in four different colors. It’s made from 100% Acrylic Acid and it is great for travel to cold countries. Make people smile in this provocative cap.

Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers Number 4: Fancy Gay LGBT Pride Pocket Knife 9” – $14.88


This item is great for backpackers. The portable knife is sharp enough to even break glass objects. Not only you are going to be equipped, but you are also going to be in style with this fancy looking object… Hopefully not, bu who knows… You might even need the knife for possible self-defense purposes.

Amazon Deals for Gay Travelers Number 4: LGBT Gay Travel Luggage Strap – $8.99


This strap is cheap and practical. You will be able to secure your luggage with this unique cross belt from popping open. The item is perfect for double protection.

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