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The world is changing. There are a lot of countries which have adapted their laws to recognize the rights of its homosexual citizens. There is an enormous multicolored wave that is sweeping the globe. What was once a shameful taboo is now getting openly accepted. With the legalization of the same-sex marriage in Brazil, England, France, and Wales the total number of nations where same-sex marriage is legal has risen to seventeen. Tony Pitman, a Melbourne-based activist has created a list of such countries along with their population estimates. As of January 2014, seven hundred million people live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal. The current worldwide population is approximately seven billion. That means that 10 percent of all people on the globe now live in a country where same-sex marriage is legal.

2013 was a crazy year for the legalization of the same-sex marriage movement. Laws are not the only aspect to look at when considering whether some country is gay-friendly or not. Don’t forget about general societal acceptance, events, and services that should be considered when attempting to rank the most gay-friendly nations. A recent Pew Research Centre survey questioned citizens in 39 countries. A simple question was asked: “Whether or not gays should be accepted in society?” We took away some of the traditionally gay-friendly countries from the survey. They don’t offer insight into general positions on homosexuality by regions. EU is by far the most accepting, while the African continent is far behind in its views.

At the moment when modern trends seem to be pointing toward acceptance, there are still certain countries that are enacting legislations to restrict homosexual behavior. Very often governments led by conservative religious practices continue enforcing criminal penalties for gay acts.

The list below is based on a variety of factors. The legal part and its citizens’ acceptance of homosexuals played a tremendous role. However, certain stress was also imposed on the role the country is going to play in the worldwide acceptance of LGBTQ. Ten percent of the globe’s population living in a country where gay marriage is legal is great but it is still just a starting point. Let me introduce you to the top ten homosexual friendly countries in the world.

10. Gays of South Africa

It was not long ago that South Africa was judged for its discriminating laws. It’s different now, which puts the country on the list as the most gay-friendly African nation. In a continent that contains a lot of the most anti-gay nations, South Africa stands out as a pioneer in its legislation with relation to homosexuals. Same-sex marriage was legalized there in 2006.  This is a nation whose history included segregation and racism. There is still an echo of the dark past in every day’s life in South Africa. You must understand that if you are planning to visit SA.
In the Pew survey, only 32 percent of the people answered in a positive way. With the majority of African countries that maintain strict laws against gays, South Africa is far ahead of its, not so gay-friendly, neighbors. The country makes the list because of its attempts to accept and integrate homosexuals into their society.

9. Gays of The Philippines

The Philippines is a perfect destination for any homosexual looking for an Asian country to visit. 73 percent of the country’s population, according to the Pew research, accepts LGBTQ. This is very obvious when watching the nation’s most famous talk show host Boy Abunda. He is a gay man, who has been an icon on the Filipino TV arena since the mid 90’s. He is an advocate for same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights within the country. The Philippines could probably rank even higher, but the strict Christian country does not have the extensive legal rights that some other countries on this list have to offer. Along with these factors, the gold sand beaches and the diverse fauna make the Philippines an amazing destination and number 9 on our list.

8. Iceland Loves LGBT Community

Openly gay person governs Iceland. The country is not the early adopter of the same-sex marriage legislation, but there are now multiple laws that ensure a peaceful visit. The population is so tolerant that over 10 percent of the nation’s total population joined the last year’s pride festival. Iceland is one awesome geothermic spa. There are many hot springs to bath in and a lot of natural scenery to observe. The country makes the list as a perfect destination for those who are fond of nature-based travel.

7. Gays are Welcome in Australia

Australia is a very accepting country. 79 percent of folks surveyed there accept homosexuality in society. There is a long history of Australia and homosexual rights. Sydney is one of the most LGBT-friendly places in the world. Its annual Mardi Gras festival is a kind of testament to that fact. It is known to be one of the biggest events in the world. It’s a sort of teaser to what Australia has to offer to their homosexual guests. Besides its gay agenda, Australia is also a land of great natural wonders. We would rank this country even higher if it had a law in regards to the same-sex marriage.

6. Argentina and Brazil are Equally Gay-Friendly

Argentina is far ahead of its continental partners in terms of legalization and general acceptance. It recognized the same-sex marriage in 2010. According to the survey, 74 percent of the people accept homosexuals. In addition, Buenos Aires is an incredible destination for gays.

Brazil is slightly worse, with only 60 percent of its population accepting gays in the country. In 2013, Brazil passed the same-sex marriage law, the second Latin American country to do so… The most interesting thing to learn about this destination is that 14.3% of Rio de Janeiro’s population is gay.

5. Germany is Almost Entirely Gay

The German population is accepting of homosexuals. Very impressive, 87 percent of German citizens responded positively to the Pew survey. A vast number of LGBT festivals is celebrated in this country. Many of such events have achieved legendary status, every major town in the country has some sort of gay event. Thousands of people attend these celebrations. The only reason the country is in the 5th position is because of its failure to have a same-sex marriage law. As a visitor, however, you will have a blast in Germany.

4. Canada is a Gay Country

Canada was a leader in the field of gay rights for a long period of time. Same-sex marriage has been legal since 2003. All anti-gay propaganda is banned in the country. The Impressive 80 percent of Canadians answered the survey in a positive manner. The summer is a perfect time to go to Canada, with most huge Canadian cities holding LGBT events. Montreal is well known for its gay village, a definite destination to visit.

3. Belgium is Great for Gays

Belgium was the second country that legalized gay marriage and has established itself as one of the most modern countries in Europe. Belgians are pushy and active in regards to legalizing the gay rights across the EU. But only 62 percent of the people believe that all the countries in Europe should adopt gay marriage laws. You will find a lot of gay bars, gay clubs and shops in Brussel. Some parties in Brussels attract thousands of homosexuals from surrounding nations.

2. Netherlands is a Gay Paradise

Holland was the pioneer in the area of gay rights. It was the first nation to legalize the same-sex marriage. Most of the country’s population supports equal rights for homosexuals, and over 85 percent of the country support gay marriage and adoption. Amsterdam holds annual Gay Pride week, the world’s famous event celebrated by over 500,000 people every year.

1. Spain equals Gay

It was hard to select only one country out of the top two nations. Spain is the most accepting part of the world. The majority of people (88 percent) are very accepting of homosexuality. The country is full of men-only beaches, gay restaurants, and LGBT bars. The hotels are all gay-friendly. It is clear that Spain takes number 1 on our list!