17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

Who said that a copy cannot be better than an original? When it comes to Youtube, a sufficient copy often generates more buzz than an original creation. All you need to do is to make sure your copy has a unique spin. Then, interesting things will begin to happen. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of unique cover artists on Youtube. Below is a list of top 17 Youtube channels featuring cover songs.

1. Alex Boye – Afropella

Alex Boye is a talented artist who takes popular songs and Africanizes them. Yes, he gives popular songs a unique African twist. Moreover, this Youtuber creates powerful content that brings smiles to the viewer. Boye performs your favorite songs in African tribe fashion. Full of positive vibes and creative ideas, this Youtube channel is worth exploring.

17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

2. PostmodernJukebox – Vintage Covers on Youtube

PostmodernJukebox is one of the oldest channels on Youtube. Created by Scott Bradlee, this channel features pop music in a centuries-old style. “Today’s songs yesterday” is the motto of this Youtube channel.

3. Megan Nicole – Girly Acapella

Megan Nicole covers pop songs in her very unique way. Cute and feminine, she brings a distinctly girly style to the world of acapella. Surely, you can go to Megan’s channel to learn more about this singer.

4. Ivan Kv – Old School Covers on Youtube

This channel is new and definitely worth exploring. Ivan covers popular songs in an old school fashion. The listener will have the opportunity to travel back to an old world of tape cassettes and boomboxes, performed through modern pop songs.

5. Madilyn Bailey – Acoustic Covers on Youtube

A clear voice and an outstanding acoustic performance contribute to making Madilyn Bailey one of the most popular existing Youtubers. Definitely explore this channel, if you would like to hear some quality minimalist covers.

6. Ahmed Alshaiba – Middle East Cover

Ahmed’s cover songs will make you feel like the main protagonist from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Quite unusual and certainly different, Ahmed’s channel features popular tracks in a Middle-Eastern style.

7. Amadeea Violin – Violin Cover

Amadeea’s channel on Youtube features violin covers of popular songs. Simple and majestic, the covers give a lustrous look to the famous pop songs.

8. Continuum – Continental Acapella

Jayden from Australia, Sheffo from Italy, Sami from The Netherlands and Joey from the USA record each single remotely. Surprisingly, four singers from four different countries formed an acapella band that exists virtually. We find it cool that four pieces were put together to form a single track.

17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

9. Walk off the Earth – Indie Covers on Youtube

Walk off the Earth is a team of 5 hipsters that cover pop songs in the way Indie people would do it. Thus, in the Walk off the Earth channel, you will see a bunch of unusual instruments such as forks, spoons, salt, and pepper used in cover songs. Undoubtedly, you will have to adore the limitless creativity.

10. JFlaMusic – Korean Singer

The unique feature that highlights JFlaMusic among many other acapella artists is her accent. JFlaMusic covers pop songs in an acoustic fashion. Moreover, she is Korean, and her songs have a Korean twist.

11. Best Covers – Russian Balalaika Covers

The channel for Best Covers displays songs with a unique cultural spin. The Russian Balalaika covers are performed in a traditional Russian style. With love and balalaika.

17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

12. Melissa.Flutes – Flute Covers

Melissa is a Youtuber who makes flute covers on popular songs. This channel has a name that is easy to remember. Fans of a traditional flute sound may like this channel.

13. boyceavenue – Better than the original

Boyceavenue is one of the oldest and perhaps the most notorious cover bands. Its members are true geniuses of pop covers.

14. L.Young – Black Acapella

L.Young’s covers can make a person dance. Unquestionably, L.Young’s deep and groovy voice is a unique feature. Nice and easy, he creates his covers from scratch through the use of his voice only. Ranging from drums to lead, he vocalizes every part of his arrangements in a seamless manner. Way to go!

17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

15. Backtrack Vocals – Acapella Covers on Youtube

Similar to Pentatonix, Backtrack Vocals is an acapella band that covers popular songs with lungs and vocal cords. The band’s growing number of subscribers indicates that the band’s tunes resonate with a growing audience. Certainly, you can follow this band if you are a fan of the great acapella sound.

16. Mike Tompkins – One Man’s Voice Covers

Mike Tompkins is a great singer and music designer. Moreover, he is also a pretty skilled video editor. Tompkins uses only his voice to make covers. The quality of each composition is outstanding!

17 Unique YouTube Cover Song Channels

17. Kfir Ochaion – Electric Guitar Covers

You can experience the sound of guitar amplifiers and speakers through Kfir Ochaion’s electric guitar covers. Kfir Ochaion is a professional guitarist who brings an electric guitar spin to the pop culture. Thus, if you are an electric guitar fan, you should check out Kfir’s channel.



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