Is Emma Watson worth $2?

Earlier today I watched the video by Vanity Fair where Emma Watson is giving advice of all sorts to people via Skype for $2. The creative concept is worth mentioning.

Greediest Celebs

Before I move to Emma Watson, I’d like to mention the important fact. Show business is full of greedy celebrities who crave more no matter how much they contribute. From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who are never satisfied with business offers to Katy Perry and Justin Bieber who overcharge their fans for meet-and-greets events, the entertainment business is full of s***y people.

Celebrities do it for emotions

In my opinion, true artists are those who create their masterpieces for emotions in the first place and not money. Money should be a result of a great job done by artists. Art is a form of altruism generated by talented people.

Emma Watson is a perfect example of a true artist. She agreed to participate in the Emma Watson Advice experiment. The organizers charged a symbolic amount of $2 for 1 advice from Emma Watson. Obviously, the amount of money symbolic, and, most likely the money was donated after the filming was over.

Generous Celebs

Emma Watson and the experiment reminded me of the peep show with Ed Sheeran designed to surprise fans and the wedding crash by Maroon 5. Such acts of generosity make me believe that the world is still full of generous celebrities and true artists who are willing to give.




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