Devil Let Miley Cyrus Go

After allegedly selling her soul to the devil, Miley Cyrus got it back for a higher price. After all the troubles with “tongues,” marijuana, tweaking, and naked scenes, she is back to normal. It seems that with all the disappointments that Bangerz and Dead Petz brought to her life, Cyrus came to realize what is important in life and her purpose as a singer.

Miley Cyrus – Good Girl

Smiley Miley, who previously adored black rap culture, is no longer interested in “Lamborghini” and “Rolex.” Miley stopped smoking weed, and with a clear head and a new fresh look in her eyes, she is heading towards a brighter future. Things have changed drastically.

New Album and New Songs

According to Miley, her new album is political but beautiful. Cyrus put a lot of love and soul into her new songs. Full of compassion and understanding, Miley Cyrus tried to communicate with people through her songs. At this point of Miley’s life, that seems more important than anything else.

It’s interesting how often people change their perceptions on life. It seems that most famous individuals come to the realization that in the end, money doesn’t matter as much as what’s left behind. Let’s hope that Miley Cyrus is in the process of crafting her own moral principles with compassion, understanding, and support from those around her.

Devil Let Miley Cyrus Go



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