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AutoZone is by far an auto parts industry giant. Founded in 1979, they have made a huge impact on aftermarket retail of auto parts. They have risen to the second largest retailer of auto parts in the U.S., and they continue to grow. AutoZone has more than 5,000 stores around the world, making competition hard to find. However, there are numerous websites that could beat the company out online. AutoZone does have a fantastic website, offering hot deals, repair help, and any parts or accessories known to man. They should, however, keep a close eye on these auto parts websites making tire tracks of their own.

Top 5 Websites That Could Beat AutoZone

1. NAPA Auto Parts is top AutoZone competitor

NAPA Auto Parts has been around far longer than AutoZone. The company was founded in 1925 and their mission has always focused on people and companies. Their first retail store opened in 1936, and now they have 58 distribution centers and 6,000 stores. The inventory they offer extends to more than 475,000 auto parts, and these are all available online. Their website is an easy to navigate one stop shop for all your automotive needs. They offer tools, parts, and even a “how to” section for the at home mechanics to check fluids, or even replace radiator hoses. This website is simply awesome for motor heads.

Top 5 Websites That Could Beat AutoZone

2. Walmart Auto Services an AutoZone alternative

In 1988, Walmart began services autos and offering auto parts and accessories at their “Supercenters.” They may not have the huge selection of parts and accessories AutoZone has, but they do have low prices. They have always been traditionally cheaper than other stores, and their auto department is no exception. The online presence they have is also nothing to hide in the trunk. Being one of the largest retailers in the world, Google will display anything Walmart at the top of the page. Their website offers all the basics, from tires to car stereos. And they even have an auto insurance center.

Top 5 Websites That Could Beat AutoZone

3. Pep Boys has great website similar to AutoZone

AutoZone is relatively young compared to Pep Boys. Founded by four guys in Philadelphia in 1921, this full-service auto and tire chain has become an industry fixture. They have more than 500 stores and they were noted as one of the fastest growing companies in 2005. Their website is a simple one, easy to navigate with loads of auto-themed pages. They even boast a “Research and Learn” section with plenty of stuff for the at home mechanic. This site is excellent for anyone looking for anything auto related.

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4. O’Reilly Automotive is AutoZone on steroids

AutoZone has more stores than O’Reilly Automotive, however, it is pretty similar when compared. The O’Reilly family founded the auto parts store in 1957, and since it has grown into more than 4,000 locations in 44 states. The company’s web presence is also mighty. Offering aftermarket auto parts, tools, equipment, and auto accessories, it is certainly a fantastic alternative to other stores. The website is not as flashy as most, but it still offers tons of great deals and services. You can even order what you need online and pick it up the same day at any location. This is a definite time saver for the busy parent on the go.

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5. Parts Train offers great deals online without a location like AutoZone

If you are not a fan of shopping in AutoZone stores, and you love cheap prices, Parts Train is amazing. They offer just about any part you may need for those basic to novice repairs. You can also find a great selection of accessories, both basic and flashy for your ride. One wonderful feature of their online store is the myriad of payment options. From Visa to PayPal, you can get what you need and pay how you want.




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